Accidents The driver of a bus with a crash at a level crossing in Kaskinen is also suspected of two injuries

According to police, the speed of the bus at the time of the crash was 18 kilometers per hour and the speed of the track machine just before the crash was 35 kilometers per hour.

In Ostrobothnia In addition to a serious traffic safety threat, the bus drivers of the bus crash at the Kaskinen level crossing are suspected of two injuries, police said on Wednesday.

A bus and a tracked machine collided at an unguarded level crossing on Pyhän Eskilinkatu last Tuesday. Seven children on board the bus and the driver of the bus were injured in the accident. The children were on their way to Kristiinankaupunki to high school and high school.

Two of the children were hospitalized after the accident.

“For them, the drivers are suspected of two injuries due to minor minor injuries in the situation,” the director of investigation John Forslund said.

Forslund had no updated information on the situation of the injured on Wednesday.

Also the bus driver was hospitalized after the accident. According to Director of Investigation Forslund, the driver has now been heard and has said he did not notice the track machine before the collision.

Police suspect the bus driver did not stop at the stop sign before the level crossing. According to police, the speed of the bus at the time of the crash was 18 kilometers per hour.

Forslund emphasizes that the driver of a track-mounted machine has never been suspected of a crime.

“Publicity has revealed that the speed of a track-mounted machine would have been 57 kilometers per hour, when in fact it was 35 kilometers per hour. He has driven to the limit, ”Forslund says.

Also The Accident Investigation Board (Otkes) has launched an investigation into the accident. According to Otkes, the bus was damaged in the collision beyond repair.

After the collision, the track machine derailed and was damaged. In addition, the track was damaged for a distance of about 30 meters.


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