Accidents The bear was reportedly killed by a man in Slovakia for the first time

The attack took place in central Slovakia. This is the first confirmed case in the country where a human has died in a wild bear attack.

57 years old the man died in Slovakia after a bear attacked him, Reuters reports. Lesy Slovenske Republiky, the country’s forest management company, said this was the first confirmed case.

“The autopsy confirmed that a man from the Liptovská Lúžna region died from injuries caused by this predator,” the company said on Facebook.

Bears are common in the mountains of Slovakia, and their estimated population has tripled in 20 years. They are currently estimated at about 2,700 individuals.

Lesy Slovenske Republiky has advocated stock-keeping hunting of bears so that the population does not get out of hand.

The Slovak Ministry of the Environment announced that it would collect DNA samples from animals in order to identify the individual who attacked the man. According to the ministry, there were a total of five bear attacks in the country last year, but none of them resulted in human deaths.



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