Accidents Teal hunting went terribly wrong in Sotkamo: A man shot a target with a shotgun at a presumed target, the shot hit a hunting buddy

The shotgun hit a man about 40 meters away.

Kainuu the district court sentenced on Tuesday a crash in a hunting lodge in which a man in his fifties accidentally shot his hunting buddy with a shotgun. The incident happened in Sotkamo last November.

According to the charge, the man had noticed something dark in the woods and assumed it was a tea. The man fired a shot at the shotgun toward the target he assumed was a thug. The shot hit a hunting buddy about 40 feet away who was with the shooter in the woods.

The male victim hit at least about 25 shots in the left knee and lower leg, right thigh, and left arm. A hit from a shot caused nerve damage to the victim’s hand. In addition, a bleeding wound occurred on the man’s head, the prosecution says.

The prosecutor according to the shooter had failed to ensure that there were no people on the shooting line who could be in danger or damage from the shot. The prosecutor held that the man had, through gross negligence, caused injuries to the victim which could not be considered minor.

BTI has received a subpoena and a court judgment from the district court. The written reasoning for the judgment is not yet complete.

The district judge told STT by e-mail that the accused admitted that he had acted as described in the indictment. According to the accused, this was an injury situation.

District Court found the shooter guilty of a hunting offense and aggravated injury, that is, the offenses for which the prosecutor had demanded a conviction from him. The court sentenced the man to a 65-day fine, which on his income means 2,665 euros.

The prosecutor demanded the shotgun seized from the shooter to be lost to the state. However, the court ordered the shotgun to be returned to the shooter.



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