Accidents Pipe leak in Epilä, Tampere: There is water on the road for several hundred meters – “Reaches up to about an ankle”

Due to the leak, the water has had to be cut off from several properties.

Tampereen A pipe leak has occurred in Epilä, which is why water is flooding Epilänkatu.

“The water reaches about the ankle. If you go to the ankle boots, it gets wet, ”said the firefighter Juha Toivonen From the Pirkanmaa Rescue Department at 7.30 pm on Thursday evening.

“Yes, there is water.”

The damage control alarm came at 7 p.m. According to the Rescue Department, Tampereen Vesi is on site to investigate the situation.

“One of our units warned the traffic for a while when the water plant dug the wells under water and ice,” says Toivonen.

According to the Tampere Water Fault Reporting Service, the water has had to be cut off from several properties on Epilänkatu so that the water does not cause more extensive damage. A water tank has been brought to Epilänkatu, from which you can get domestic water in your own container.

Water floods the second lane on Epilänkatu, which is why only one lane is currently used at the flood site. News manager present at Aamulehti Vesa Laitinen says that the leak will not have a significant effect on traffic on Epilänkatu.

“You can drive past,” says Laitinen.

According to the assessment of firefighter Toivonen, there is about 200 meters of water in both directions on the road at the Epilä carpet washing site, ie a total distance of about 400 meters.

“At that point, the street descends towards Myllypuronkatu, so the water flows there.”

According to Tampereen Veden, the leak occurred at Epilänkatu 55.

“Repairs will begin when the equipment is delivered. During this evening, ”the bulletin in the bug report number said at 9 p.m.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, frost is expected for the night in Tampere. The rescue service warns that freezing water can make the road surface slippery.

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