Accidents Otkes stops monitoring investigation into a small plane crash in Zimbabwe, four Finns died in Turma in 2018

The reasons for the accident remain unclear, as the investigation report has not been submitted to Otkes.

Accident Investigation Board (Otkes) to end active monitoring of the investigation into the small plane crash in Zimbabwe, the center says in its bulletin.

Four Finns and a local pilot died in an accident on 23 November 2018. The Zimbabwe Air Accident Investigation Authority was then investigating the case.

Otkesin that it has been an active investigator of Zimbabwe in connection with the two and a half years. Despite requests, the Zimbabwe Aviation Accident Investigation Authority has not submitted an investigation report to the Finnish authorities. According to Otkes, it appears that the report will not be submitted, which is why the follow-up of the case will be stopped.

This means that the causes of the accident remain open.

The incident was once widely reported in Finland as well. Two of the dead were well-known business leaders.

The plane had collided with a mountainside in southern Zimbabwe in Tokwane-Ngundu. A group of four Finnish men had been on a hunting trip from which they were returning to Victoria Falls at the time of the accident.

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