Accidents One was killed and three were injured in a car accident in Järvenpää

The participants in the run-out on Saturday night were under twenty.

One died in a drive-out that took place in Järvenpää on Saturday night, Itä-Uusimaa police say on Twitter.

According to previous data, two people were seriously injured in the accident.

A fire chief on duty at the Central Uusimaa Rescue Department Tomi Airaksinen according to one of the seriously injured, one was in critical condition.

Very seriously according to Airaksinen, the woman injured in the accident had been thrown outside the car in a collision. The others in the car had gotten out on their own.

Airaksinen has no more detailed information about how the person thrown from the car ended up outside the vehicle, but he apparently has not flown through the windshield.

Both of the seriously injured are, according to Airaksinen, passengers, and one of them is a man.

According to Airaksinen, everyone in the car is under twenty. Two of them suffered minor injuries.

The exit took place on road 140, ie on Old Lahdentie. The two-lane road was closed to traffic early in the night, but was open again at about half past three at night.

Police have launched a preliminary investigation into the accident.



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