Accidents One person killed and two injured in a crash in Oulu – Police thank conscripts for exemplary action after accident

Alcohol had no part in the events, police say.

Local the man has died and two outsiders have been injured in a traffic accident on Kuusamontie in Oulu, says Oulu police.

According to the police, the man driving from Oulu to Kuusamo had spun into the lane of the oncoming traffic and collided with the right side of the car above. The duo from Kuusamo was taken to Oulu University Central Hospital for examination.

Alcohol had no part in the incidents, police say.

At the time of the incident, the road surface was muddy.

Police thanked the three conscripts who had arrived before the rescue authorities, two of whom directed the traffic before the authorities arrived. The third conscript revived the Oulu man until the arrival of first aid.


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