Accidents In Vantaa, a truck crashed into the lane, congestion on Ring Road III can last a long time

Eastern Uusimaa police say on Twitter that the traffic will be completely stopped at noon during the lifting.

In Vantaa occurred at midnight at the time of Monday morning traffic accident, the Road Traffic Center Fintraffic reported on Monday. The more accurate scene is on Ring Road III when driving east about half a kilometer before Ikea on the hill, says the fire chief. Rickard Slim.

Eastern Uusimaa police say on Twitter that on Ring Road III from west to east, a truck has crashed on its side into the right-hand lane.

According to Hoika, personal injuries were saved. The crash was preceded by a rear-end, in which a now crashed truck drove behind another truck. According to Hoika, the speeds were low.

According to Hoika, it is a flatbed truck with a tracked drilling ride. Currently, the second lane is in use, but traffic must be stopped completely during lifting.

The accident could cause long-term congestion, police Tweet. Traffic will be at a complete stop from around 2pm when the crane arrives to pick up the truck.

On-call firefighter Ville Eskander According to the Helsinki Rescue Department, oil has spilled on the ground from the truck, and therefore an oil spill response unit is also present.

According to Slim, about 250 liters of fuel have been absorbed.

A Twitter account maintained by the traffic attendants of the Finnish Road Traffic Administration also reports that what happened.

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