Accidents In the Czech Republic, a train accident, two killed and dozens injured

An express train and a local train collided in the western part of the country, several of those injured are in critical condition.

In the Czech Republic at least two people have been killed and dozens injured in a collision between two trains in the western part of the country.

Representative of local authorities Maria Svobodovan according to the injured are 31. Of these, the condition of seven is critical. Police evacuated passengers.

The accident happened in Milavce, on the line between Plzen and Domazlice, at eight o’clock local time when a train on its way from Munich to Prague collided with a local train.

Czech Minister of Transport Karel Havlicekin according to the express train coming from Munich did not follow the signs, which is why it collided with a local train.

More than a year ago, there were two train accidents in the Czech Republic that killed three people and injured dozens.



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