Accidents Four adults and two children were rescued from a sinking boat in Helsinki: drink-driving is suspected

The boat had run aground in front of Aurinkolahti in Vuosaari. Alcohol is suspected to have played a role in the accident.

Six According to the Gulf Coast Guard, people have been evacuated from a sinking boat in Helsinki on Saturday afternoon.

The Coast Guard says that it was a 10-meter motor boat that had run aground in front of Aurinkolahti in Vuosaari. Director of Maritime Rescue Jyrki Lehto according to the accident site is located directly east of Satamasaari along the waterway.

The accident was reported to the Coast Guard on an accident boat, but Lehto said the boat had to be searched for quite some time.

“We got a pretty bad position on the boat and therefore had to look for it for a while. The distress boat was ordered to fire an emergency torch, and they fired an emergency rocket. ”

According to Lehto, the boat had had time to get some water before the Coast Guard and police got to the scene.

Coast Guard alcohol is suspected to have played a role in what happened.

According to Lehto, however, the person driving the boat had been clear, but he did not have sufficient skills to drive and steer the boat. Lehto says the ship’s captain is suspected of drunken traffic.

The boat the six people on board were evacuated to both Coast Guard and police boats before the accident ship sank.

Lehto says two of the evacuees were children. According to Lehto, water entered the boat relatively quickly, but according to him, there was no direct danger of getting on the water.

According to Lehto, the accident boat did not pose a danger to other people navigating the waters. Currently, the boat is crashed from the bottom of the crash site.

“However, the boat may still be alerting us now because it is floating there.”

According to Lehto, the owner of the boat has been instructed to take the boat out of the scene of the accident.



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