Accidents At least 27 killed in a bus accident in Peru, a dozen injured

A bus crashed into a gorge early Friday morning in southern Peru.

At least 27 miners have died in a bus accident in Peru. According to AFP news agency, a bus carrying miners crashed from a mountain road into a gorge in southern Peru on Friday morning. In addition, at least 16 miners were injured.

The bus was on its way from Nasca Lines Archaeological Site near the site to the town of Arequipa.

AFP says, referring to press releases, that the bus crashed into a 400-meter-deep gorge, leaving the bodies of those on board on the slopes.

According to AFP, this is the second major road accident in a short time. Traffic on land can be dangerous due to speeding, poorly maintained roads, lack of signs and poor road safety, among other things.

Last week, 17 people died when a bus crashed into a gorge in the La Libertad area about 500 kilometers north of Lima.



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