Accidents An Estonian cargo ship sank near Odessa, suspected of being hit by a mine

At about five in the afternoon, Ukrainian authorities said six crew members had been rescued.

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Estonian The Helt ship has sunk off the coast of Ukraine near Odessa, according to Reuters.

The ship sank as a result of the explosion and is suspected of having hit a mine in the Black Sea. The matter was reported by the director of the Estonian Vista Shipping Agency, which owns the ship Igor Ilves.

Ukraine the fleet blames The New York Times according to the Russian navy to use civilian ships as protection in the Black Sea.

According to the Ukrainians, the Russians drove to the Helt danger zone so that the Russian warships could proceed with the protection it created. According to Ukrainians, this is the use of a “human shield” at sea.

The Russians also threatened to open fire on the Helt, according to the Ukrainians, if the ship did not obey the orders.

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“This is nothing more than 21st century piracy,” the Ukrainian Navy said.

Estonian According to the Ukrainian authorities interviewed by Postimees, the ship could also have been submerged in a submarine.

Postimees says that the ship’s crew has not been Estonians.

According to initial data, two crew members had been found on the life raft and four were missing. According to the news agency BNS, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is investigating the events. At about five in the afternoon, Ukrainian officials told news agency Reuters that six crew members had been rescued.

Picture of the Helt ship.

According to the Marine Traffic service, the Estonian ship Helt has been in the same place for almost three hours.

HS: n Helt has been in the same place for almost three hours, according to observations from Marine Traffic. The Panamanian-flagged ship is a few tens of kilometers from Odessa.

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Helt is a cargo ship built in 1985, which has previously also been Finnish-owned. At that time the name of the ship was Carisma.

Foreign minister Pekka Haavisto At a press conference in the afternoon, he was in contact with the Estonian Foreign Minister and expressed his condolences over the incident.

“This situation illustrates the severity of the war, so that outsiders can fall victim to the war,” Haavisto said.

Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto before the oral questioning session of Parliament on 3 March in Helsinki.

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