Accidents A truck crashed on a railway bridge in Tampere – A passerby helped off a pinch with a simple gig: “Yes, it left then”

The driver of the heavy vehicle who happened to be there had a couple of tips to make it easier to remove.

Tampereen A truck traveling from the direction of Hämeenpuisto towards Särkänniemi got stuck under a railway bridge on Wednesday evening.

The accident apparently occurred when the person driving the truck had not noticed the height of the bridge.

Tampere resident present Timo Kangastie says the truck was going to drive pretty deep under the bridge before the trip hit. Kangastie says that the silo part of the truck was damaged from above and from the front and the parts also came off.

Kangastie says the removal work on the truck began quickly.

“Yes, it started then when the driver put the air springs as low as they could get. I also instructed them to take the air out of the tires. ”

Kangastie says he assisted the driver in the situation and says the truck was eventually reversed under the bridge to an adjacent parking lot to possibly wait for a tow truck or repair before setting off.

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Kangastie says that he himself works on large trucks, and learning about difficult situations has come, for example, when he has had to plan driving routes to hard-to-reach construction sites.

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Fabrics not surprised that the truck got stuck in the bridge. He says the attention signs of the shallow bridge are not enough. According to him, this is also indicated by the fact that this was not the first time.

“I haven’t seen myself driving a truck to the bridge before, but I’ve heard that more people have driven, and those signs will do so many more times.”

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