Accidents “A terrible crash,” describes a Viking Grace passenger running aground

The speakers have told the ship’s passengers about the ground contact.

Viking On a Grace ship Michael Valin experienced a sudden awakening today as the ship ran aground.

Valin says he was asleep in his cabin until he woke up to a concussion at about 2:20 p.m.

“It was a terrible rush. Such that I thought that now the bow had gone, ”Valin describes to HS.

“I pulled my pants to my feet in five seconds.”

Valin says he ran out of his cabin and headed up towards the deck of the ship. An information message about the bottom contact was repeated on the speakers around the ship.

“They gave information all the time, but they probably don’t know much yet.”

HS follows the situation in the news story: The passenger ship Viking Grace ran aground near the port of Mariehamn

Passengers waited for the press conference in the lobby of Viking Grace on Saturday afternoon.­

Miscarriage took place right next to Mariehamn – according to Valin, the city is visible from the windows of the ship. The weather has been stormy.

All passengers are now directed to a press conference in the conference room.

“Let’s see if they can tell in more detail what has happened.”

Coast Guard according to Viking Grace is firmly on the ground and there are no leaks. No injuries or oil injuries have occurred and the first rescue units have arrived on the scene.

The Coast Guard quickly reached the scene of the accident right next to the port of Mariehamn.­

Passengers in the corridors of Viking Grace after grounding.­

Passengers gathered for a press conference at Viking Grace.­


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