Accidents A bus carrying schoolchildren dodged a tractor and derailed in a ditch in Joroinen

No one was injured in the run-out. The Rescue Department evacuated schoolchildren out of the bus through a side window.

In Joroinen A bus carrying schoolchildren in Northern Savonia derailed this morning, according to the rescue service. The school bus had ten elementary school students and a driver. No one was injured in the run-out.

The bus deviated from the road as it dodged a tractor on a small dirt road. As he deviated into the ditch, the bus tilted sharply to its side, so the students on board could not get out of the car door. The rescue department evacuated the students out of the car through the driver’s side side window.

On-call firefighter Eerik Pudas tells STT that the bus did not crash sideways into the ditch, but tilted sharply. In his view, the situation could have been injured if the speeds had been higher.

“Fortunately, the speeds were so low that injuries were avoided,” Pudas says.

He estimated that the speed of the school bus was up to 40 kilometers per hour when the tractor hit the bus on a dirt road. At the time of derailment, the bus speed was perhaps 10 to 20 kilometers per hour, according to Pudas.

Emergency center received a report of a traffic accident on Joroinen Köykkääntie shortly after nine in the morning.

At half past ten, Pudas said that a replacement bus had arrived at the scene of the accident, which allowed the students to continue their journey to school.

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