Accidents A burning car congested morning traffic on Turunväylä in Kirkkonummi

The driver of the car caught fire had been guided to the side of the car and there was no danger to other traffic.

Burning an passenger car congested traffic on Turkuväylä in Kirkkonummi early Tuesday morning.

The car caught fire while driving.

“The fire had ignited from the car’s engine compartment. The car was on fire when the fire department arrived, ”says the fire chief Jaakko Väätäinen From the Western Uusimaa Rescue Department.

The driver had been directed to the side of the car and there was no danger to other traffic. According to Väätäinen, the driver had gotten out of the car on his own and was okay.

The cause of the car’s ignition was not known to the fire department. Väätäinen also had no information about whether there were passengers in the car.

Rescue Department received an alarm at the scene of the accident between the Ämmässuo junction in Espoo and the Veikkola junction in Kirkkonummi shortly before seven in the morning. According to an estimate, the situation will be over by eight in the morning.

The accident slowed down other traffic, as the second lane of the motorway towards Helsinki had been closed to traffic due to rescue work.

Although the accident itself did not pose a danger to other traffic, Väätäinen points out, among other things, the dangers caused by photographing the scene of the accident.

“Some people tolerate and describe the scene of an accident, it’s not relevant. In addition, there is a risk that some drivers will drive past the scene of the accident. The speed of traffic can be significantly slowed down in a situation where something appears to have happened in front of you. ”



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