Abroad Korona mixed the top spots in the international urban comparison: island states rolled over Europe

The most viable were the cities where life continued to be relatively normal despite the pandemic.

New Zealand capital Auckland strives to become the world’s most viable city, according to research firm Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on Wednesday report. Second place went to the Japanese city of Osaka and third place went to Adelaide, Australia. In fourth place was also the New Zealand city of Wellington.

A total of six of the top ten cities in the comparison are located in New Zealand or Australia, where tight border controls on island states have allowed residents to live relatively normal lives despite a coronavirus pandemic.

Previously successful European and Canadian cities fared less in this year’s listing. The Austrian capital, Vienna, held number one in the previous two comparisons, but this year the city dropped from the top ten to 12th place.

The last time Auckland made the top ten on the list was in 2017, when it was in eighth place. In the same year, Helsinki was also in ninth place for the last time. The EIU does not publish a review covering a total of 140 cities, so this year’s ranking of Helsinki is not known.

The highest the rise from last year was made by the fourteenth-ranked Hawaii state capital Honolulu, which would shoot up 46 places also thanks to its successful corona efforts.

Damascus, the Syrian capital ravaged by the Civil War, remained the least viable city. According to the report, most of the ten worst residential cities were the same as in previous years.

A Syrian man walked in front of election advertisements in Damascus in late May.

The most viable cities in 2021

1. Auckland, New Zealand

2. Osaka, Japan

3. Adelaide, Australia

4. Wellington, New Zealand

5. Tokyo, Japan

6. Perth, Australia

7. Zurich, Switzerland

8. Geneva, Switzerland

9. Melbourne, Australia

10. Brisbane, Australia

Least viable cities in 2021

131. Carcacas, Venezuela

132. Douala, Cameroon

133. Harare, Zimbabwe

134. Karachi, Pakistan

135. Tripoli, Libya

136. Algiers, Algeria

137. Dhaka, Bangladesh

138. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

139. Lagos, Nigeria

140. Damascus, Syria



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