A sports journalist died in Qatar in the middle of the World Cup quarter-final – cut short in media space

Grant Wahl, who worked for the American CBS channel in Qatar, died on Friday evening in the middle of his duties.

American sports reporter Grant Wahl, 48, has died in Qatar while reporting on the World Cup. They talk about it, among other things CNN and news agency AFP.

According to AFP, Wahl fell short in the middle of Friday night’s quarterfinals. According to the news agency, Wahl was reporting on the match between Argentina and the Netherlands when he collapsed on the floor in the media room.

Paramedics who arrived at the scene tried to revive Wahl and took him away on a stretcher. The Wall Street Journal – magazine, Wahl probably had a heart attack.

Wahl’s wife, an infectious disease specialist Celine Gounder posted a statement from the United States Soccer Association about her husband’s death on her Twitter account.

“I am in complete shock,” Gounder wrote, thanking him for the support he had received.

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of the United States according to the football association’s press release, football was Wahl’s life mission and the entire country’s football community mourns him. Wahl worked diligently to bring soccer as a sport more and more popular in the United States.

Wahl made headlines earlier during the World Cup in Qatar when he arrived at the stadium wearing a rainbow jersey. Security guards caught Wahl at the gate and held him for 25 minutes. According to Wahl, he was required to take off the shirt supporting the rights of sexual and gender minorities, as homosexuality is prohibited by law in Qatar.

Wahl started his career as a football reporter Sports Illustrated – magazine in 1996. In 2020, he moved to work for CBS.

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