‘A microsleep’: this is known about the accident in which the cyclist Germán Chaves died


German Chaves, accident

The cyclist Germán Chaves.


Instagram by Germán Chaves, Courtesy

The cyclist Germán Chaves.

The cyclist’s father was stuck in a tire of the truck that ran over them. Chaves leaves a daughter.

Colombian cycling is in mourning. Cundinamarqués cyclist Germán Chaves, 28, died this Sunday after being run over by a truck on the Tunja-Bogotá highway, at the height of the highway that connects the municipalities of Chocontá and Villapinzón.

According to the authorities’ report, the driver of the cargo vehicle would have had a microsleep.

(In context: New tragedy in Colombian cycling: Germán Chaves died hit by a van).

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The accident that left Germán Chaves lifeless

Germán Chaves, cyclist who died after being run over


Team Sistecrédito and Efe

The official report shared by the authorities says that a call was received around 12:57 p.m. due to a traffic incident.

“The crash on the North Highway via Tunja, kilometer 64, where a turbo vehicle is involved, of which apparently the driver presents a micro dream and goes off the road, running over two cyclists who were traveling through the sector“, reads the report shared by the authorities.

“One of them loses his life on the spot, the other is trapped in a vehicle tire. The patient stabilizes and is taken by ambulance”
the text continues.

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According to sources around the cyclist, Chaves had been training with his father before the tragic accident happened. The cyclist’s parent would be the one who had to be rescued after falling under one of the vehicle’s front tires.

Chaves, who was part of the Coldeportes-Zenú and EPM Scott squads and currently ran for Sistecrédito, had a daughter with his partner.

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