A major country reaches “herd immunity” today!

from London

It is expected that the United Kingdom will be able to reach herd immunity in light of the emerging corona virus pandemic very soon, after vaccinating at least 70% of Britons against the virus.
Models designed by University College London indicated that the country must exceed the herd immunity threshold due to the number of people immune to infection, whether by receiving the vaccine or recovering from infection with the virus.
And a report published recently by the college indicates that at least 73.4% of the British population should have antibodies to the Corona virus, by the end of today, Friday.
According to experts, 73% of the population is sufficient to achieve herd immunity.
However, experts noted that the herd immunity barrier changes based on the risk of transmission.
Experts expect the transmission of infection in the country to decrease by the spring, while they expect the daily recorded deaths to decrease to low levels by the end of next May.
In an interview with Sky News, Professor Karl Friston, University College London, said that it was “like a chain reaction. If you remove the chance of the virus spreading from one person to more than one person, it will disappear.”
Despite this, Friston warned against rushing to ease restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the virus in the country, and said the matter would get worse.

Source: Agencies

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