A lockdown was imposed in Oslo after a focus of the British “Corona” strain was detected

Today, Saturday, the Norwegian government announced partial closure measures, which are the most stringent since the beginning of the epidemic, in Oslo and its suburbs after detecting infections with the British mutated virus in a town near the capital.
The measures include closing stores and shopping centers, except for essential stores, issuing instructions urging residents to limit movement and eating meals with friends, and allowing municipalities to grant remote education access to secondary schools, starting from Saturday in Oslo, and nine areas around the capital.
“We have put in place the most stringent measures since last March in ten municipalities,” Health Minister Bint Hui said at a press conference, acknowledging that the new measures will make “daily life difficult for many.”
All public events, both indoor and outdoor, will be canceled, except for funeral ceremonies. Restaurants will be restricted to serving outside orders.
These measures, which will be in effect until at least January 31, come after cases of the British mutated virus, the most contagious, were detected in a home for the elderly in the municipality of Nordre Volo, 30 km from Oslo.
Two residents were infected with the mutated virus, who died and were over the age of 90, according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health announced Friday. A total of 22 employees and 12 residents were infected with the Corona virus, without being confirmed at the time that it was related to the same strain.
The health authorities are concerned, especially, because the origin of these injuries has not yet been determined, nor has there been any link with Britain so far.
“We are doing our best to curb this spread with severe measures, in order to quickly regain control and ease the most stringent measures,” Hui said Saturday.

Source: Agencies


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