A lioness dies of the Corona virus

lioness in zoo

A nine-year-old Asian lioness died of infection with the emerging coronavirus, in an incident that may not be the first of its kind.
This happened in a zoo on the outskirts of the city of “Chennai” in southern India, today, Friday. And many cases of corona were detected in animals, including two white tiger cubs believed to have died of Covid-19 infection in neighboring Pakistan and lions who tested positive in Spain and two other cities in India.
“Nine-year-old lioness Nella died of the disease on the evening of June 3,” Arignar Anna Zoo said in a statement.
The statement added that the outbreak of the virus in the park was detected on Thursday, with symptoms appearing in most of the lions, and the infected animals were placed in quarantine and treated with antibiotics.
“Samples from tigers and large mammals have been sent for examination,” the statement said.

Source: Reuters



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