A country that exempts its residents from wearing masks in open places

Israel canceled the requirement to wear masks in open places, and studies in its schools were fully restored on Sunday, in the latest step to return to relatively normal, thanks to a massive vaccination campaign to prevent Covid-19.
Israel has recorded a significant decrease in infections and infections, with nearly 54 percent of its population of 9.3 million receiving two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.
Today, the authorities canceled the requirement to wear protective masks in open places, which the police have been supervising to implement since it was imposed last year, but the Ministry of Health said that masks are still mandatory in closed public places and urged citizens to move around.
Preparatory school students returned to the pre-pandemic school schedule after spending the last period at home or attending some classes, to join the nursery school children and primary and secondary school students who had previously returned to their classes.
The Ministry of Education stated that schools should continue to encourage personal hygiene, ventilate the classroom, and ensure the greatest possible social distancing during breaks and study.

Source: Agencies

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