80 years old | Lauri Tarasti was a high-ranking official, but at his most effective he has been a liquidator and in committees

Lauri Tarasti considers the legal protection of the judiciary and citizens in Finland to be of a high standard, but the worst shortcoming is the long duration of legal proceedings. “It may be legal, but not fair, that it may take years if not decades to finally get a verdict.”

In his youth Lauri Tarasti was known as an electric SM-level sprinter, but even when he grew up he couldn’t be said to be slow-moving. It is certainly close to the Finnish championship in terms of the number of varying jobs and especially special tasks. The principle of committee size, Tarasti leadership has been widely followed.

“As a runner, I was no more than the national average, a hundred 10.8,” Tarasti belittles.

“I stopped competing in the summer of 1968 for the Police College Championship where I won silver Markku Kukkoahon in the peso. It was a good end to my career. ”

Tarasti still maintains his fitness in many ways, and suddenly the man would think he was in his sixties.

During his studies Tarasti huddled in student and cultural circles. The graduating lawyer was made a professor SpongeBob Kastarin guided by the legal status of master’s parties. It was a far-reaching coincidence, as Tarast soon developed into key experts in electoral law. The 1969 party law is in his handwriting, and for the most part still in force.

“How each one’s own life path meanders is largely a matter of chance. You just have to dare to give chance a chance, ”he thinks – and adds that he himself has not planned much of his career in advance.

Tarasti was a lawmaker in the Ministry of Justice when a significant opportunity opened up. In the early 1980s, a new ministry was under construction, the Ministry of the Environment, of which he was elected Chief of Staff. Demari started as Minister of the Environment Matti Ahde, while Tarast did not have a membership book.

“Rolling with Ahte, he was immersive and his weight was enough in the political twists and turns.”

Lauri Tarasti is a key expert in election legislation. The 1969 party law is in his handwriting, and for the most part still in force.

What kind then was to erect a completely new ministry? “From other ministries, we recruited a civil service that immediately committed itself well to our main task, which is environmental protection. And from the beginning, I knew all the employees. ”

“Looking at it now, the ministry has fulfilled its function. And the state of the earth actualizes the importance of the Ministry of the Environment every single day. There have been more ambiguous demarcations in construction, layout and housing matters, ”says Tarasti. Eleven years as Chief of Staff, he considers the peak period of his career.

Jumping into the Supreme Administrative Court’s Supreme Administrative Court Tarasti justifies his desire to experience yet another kind of work. “I had fun at the Ministry of the Environment but I felt mostly like a fire chief. If the ministry is like a front line, the Supreme Administrative Court is the headquarters. ”

The judiciary and the legal protection of citizens Tarasti ranks to a high standard. Still, there are shortcomings, and the worst of them is the long length of legal proceedings. “It may be legal, but not fair, that it may take years if not decades to get a verdict in the end. I also read reasonable legal speed. ”

“I have thought about this problem, as well as the high cost of litigation, but I have not yet found a lasting solution.”

If somehow, as a liquidator Tarasti is known and recognized. He has piloted dozens of groups. Which of them have been the most memorable?

With quick deliberation, he brings to the surface three of his investigations. “The Election Finance Act, which, according to the articles I have written, does not prosecute, but violates violations by other means. There have been no scandals in ten years. ”

“The second is the report on the promotion of wind power [2012], whose 24 different proposals marked the turn towards wind energy. Today, electricity is already a tenth of the wind, ”he says.

“I will take the streamlining of environmental permits for 2015, which adopted the so-called one-stop shop principle.”

What, then, does the liquidator believe his popularity is a secret? “As a lawyer, I write accurately, and pretty quickly,” Tarasti replies and smiles. “I have also noticed that ministers of different colors have learned to trust my absolute non-alignment.”

Lauri Tarasti

  • Born in 1941 in Helsinki.

  • Student 1960, Helsinki Norssi. Bachelor of Laws 1966 and Licentiate 1971, University of Helsinki. Deputy Judge 1972.

  • Teacher at the Police College 1966–1970. Legislative Adviser to the Ministry of Justice 1974-1982. Secretary-General of the World Championships in Athletics 1983.

  • Chief of Staff of the Ministry of the Environment 1983–1994.

  • Member of the Supreme Administrative Court 1994–2007.

  • Two dozen memberships of committee and study groups.

  • Seven works, about 150 articles. Numerous positions of trust.

  • Honorary Doctor twice. KJ Ståhlberg Medal. Pro Sports Medal.

  • Minister, 2010.

  • Lives in Helsinki, married.

  • Turns 80 on Friday, June 11th.



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