80 years old | “It’s not any art” – Maija-Liisa Peuhu has been known as Ulla Taalasmaa for more than 20 years, but she herself doesn’t care about soap sets.

The actress is known as Ulla Taalasmaa in the TV series, but she says she values ​​her theater roles more.

Interview starts with dramatic revelation.

Actor Maija-Liisa Peuhu says he watched a history document the previous week that had put his birthday plan on again.

The documentary tells of a conference held on the shores of Lake Wannsee in Berlin in 1942. A number of Nazi leaders decided on the final solution to the Jewish question that led to the Holocaust, the genocide of the Jews.

The conference was held on January 20, 1942.

Peuhu says he is horrified: it’s his birthday!

“I thought it was a good time to celebrate any birthdays here. That this is awful, ”he updates.

Birthday interview Peuhu is still preparing solemnly. A spectacular table setting awaits guests on the living room table. In addition to coffee, Runeberg cakes and hemp pastries are available.

“Then don’t teethe,” Peuhu instructs.

He says he has already given a dozen copies of the 80th anniversary interviews. All of them have talked about Peuhu’s decades-long career as an actor, but especially about his best-known role character Ulla Taalasmaa.

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Peuhu, a curious caretaker who pushes her beak into the affairs of her neighbors, has presented the series since the next episode. It aired on MTV3 on Monday, January 25, 1999.

This has had consequences.

In just over twenty years, Peuhu has been stigmatized in his role as Salkkari to the extent that few television viewers know how to connect him with anything else.

And it’s not uncommon for people to ask Peuhu, “What’s up with Ulla?”

But that kind of Peuhu doesn’t really feel like that at all.

“Whatever you do,” he says.

He himself doesn’t care about soap kits. The news is mainly staring at news and current affairs. And good movies.

After all, he says he looks at hidden lives every now and then.

“It’s not any art, but everything has to be. For many, the series brings interest to life. And maybe one of the viewers will get excited to go to the theater sometimes. ”

At the theater is an important place in Peuhu’s life. Prior to Secret Lives, he had a forty-year theatrical career: first in the early 1960s with a mortgage in several city theaters and on top of that for another twenty years as a freelancer.

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Peuhu describes the life of a theater actor as wonderful. Got to realize himself and inject his personality into the game.

He recalls especially warmly what he did at the Turku City Theater Anton Chekhov Lokkia. In it, Peuhu performed actress Irina Nikolaevna Arkadina.

“These roles in front of the camera aren’t the highest of these, so to speak. But they are also important. It’s not worth faxing to just one species, ”he puts it.

Peuhu says she loves acting above all else. He describes it as a passion and the most important thing in his life. The idea of ​​becoming a full-time retiree sounds awful to him.

“You have to throw yourself to the show, right down to your ovaries,” Peuhu describes.

“Nothing can be done half-heartedly.”

Peuhu asks, whether guests would like another cups and urges them to take more biscuits. He doesn’t like coffee himself.

“I drank coffee once,” Peuhu reveals.

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He tells the story decades ago. Lived in the early 1970s, Peuhu performed the female lead at the Samppalinna Summer Theater At the autumn beach in Joseph.

A prestigious guest, the President of the Republic himself, had come to see the play Urho Kekkonen.

After the performance, Kekkonen wanted to meet for the play. Peuhua’s meeting with the country’s father was exciting. Of course, coffee was also available, and Peuhu didn’t dare refuse when Kekkonen drank it.

So he kindly emptied his cup. But it did evil, Peuhu recalls.

“And I didn’t even grimace!”

Maija-Liisa Peuhu

  • Born in Kuusankoski in 1942. Lives in Helsinki.

  • Graduated from the Finnish Theater School in 1963.

  • Starring Ulla Taalasmaa in the soap series Secret Lives in 1999–2007, 2010, 2013–2020 and 2021–.

  • The family includes her husband, Keijo K. Kulha, former editor-in-chief of Helsingin Sanomat, two children and four grandchildren.

  • Celebrates 80 years on Thursday, January 20th.

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