70 years old | Jarmo Koski realized that he was a father figure when a group of boys packing their bags suddenly came to hug him – This feels like Seppo Taalasmaa, known all over Finland.

The general public knows Seppo Taalasmaa as a talker for Jarmo Kosken’s The Secret Lives series, but for him, theater is a royal sport. “Nothing beats the audience’s presence,” Koski says.

A few a year ago an actor Jarmo Koski Retired.

Since then, he has been seen several times, among other things Secret lives series and his voice has been heard in numerous animations.

“Last time I did dubbing last Friday, and there were just a couple of buffs next week as well,” Koski says.

Doesn’t sound like a retiree’s rhythm.

“Well, I’ve reduced the amount of work done. I don’t go to every phone call anymore. ”

Work pace is partly the root of youth, Koski thinks. The father died when he was 13 years old, and the pit of a family of seven got used to throwing jobs.

It’s also hard to refuse work because it’s so nice.

“Yeah, I guess this acting is a vocation, as it used to be.”

The first memory of performing for the audience in Koski, who grew up in Keuruu, is already six years old. He entertained the other children by imitating the host of Tippavaara, who Oke Tuuri presented At the Kankkula well radio paging.

“It was my first stand up performance. Remember it was fun when a little boy with a linen head spoke wood hay in the voice of an old man, this is how I saw it, ”Koski says and makes his voice hoarse.

Even at school, he had to perform whenever possible.

It was still close that Koski, with his rich imagination, would have chosen the path as a writer or visual artist instead of acting. The entrance exams at the Ateneum and the Theater Academy just happened to overlap. Sociality attracted acting.

“I was going to the Ateneum and I was in the entrance exams for two days, but the third was to go to the Theater School exams. Ten students were admitted there, and I was eleventh. Said to apply for the profession directly, the school would no longer have anything to give me. But yes, it was annoying then. ”

The bitterness, if any, didn’t last long, as you got to act anyway. Koski was involved in the Student Theater and the Ahaa Theater. And let him also start his teacher studies.

“My sister’s son had a bad teacher and he got bad migraine attacks from school. I thought things couldn’t be that way. I’ve always liked kids, so I thought I would become a good teacher. ”

Acting took victory again, and teaching was left in short substitutes. When the doors opened to YLE’s listening, Koski was able to watch closely the magic of listening.

“Listening is a great form of theatrical art. It’s great how a listener can form a whole picture in their mind based on sound alone. ”

Jarmo Koski has done more than he can remember. Her own favorite character is definitely Winnie the Pooh. “It’s so sincere, not twisting, not hooking. Pooh lives in the moment, does not worry about the old or longs for the new. That’s how you should know how to live. ”

About acting Koski found himself in an industry that has fascinated, as has been said, to this day. There are more roles than he even remembers.

My favorite is definitely Teddy Bear Tel.

“It’s so sincere, not twisting, not hooking. Pooh lives in the moment, does not worry about the old or longs for the new. That’s how you should know how to live. ”

Can Teddy Bear be found in Koski himself?

“At least I hope so. Yes, I am quite a troubler at times. My youngest daughter sometimes said I look like a worried father. But those episodes won’t last long. ”

Someone may be surprised that Koski says he is quite an impulsive person. In that sense, he differs from his best-known role and Finnish caretaker, Encrypted lives from the easy Seppo Taalasmaa.

Koski played the character from the beginning of the series in 1999–2013 and later in random episodes. At the same time, heartfelt talc became an important part of Finnish TV history. So important that Jarmo Koski and Seppo Taalasmaa could even get confused from the audience.

“There will still be people talking almost every day and hoping to come back.”

Why is the character so popular?

“The character is well done. I myself have wanted to influence what Seppo is like. After all, the general stereotype is that an out-of-school person is easily narrow-minded and conservative, but he is another country. Seppo has a positive attitude towards everyone. I have tried to get it with Winnie the Pooh. ”

Sepon has been adopted by both older and young viewers. Once a group of boys rocking the bag recognized him.

“They came with rumbles in their mouths and bags of clinkers asking if they could hug. It felt great. Seppo probably represented them as a safe father figure. ”

Sound- and despite his TV work, Koski considers theater to be the royal sport. My favorite works include as many as seven years Dear villain Arto af Hällström directed by the Seinäjoki Summer Theater Tango Musical Fairyland, where Koski experienced Unto Monosen to a tragic figure.

“Nothing beats an audience presence. It’s a great feeling when people take every word, go into the story and emotional states, and live with it. ”

Jarmo Koski

  • Born in 1951 in Imatra. Lives in Helsinki.

  • He has acted in the Student Theater, Ahaa Theater, Hevosenkengä Theater and summer theaters all over Finland, among others.

  • As a voice actor, he has hundreds of different roles in animated films and series as well as in auditions. Well-known TV role Secret lives series Seppo Taalasmaana.

  • Made the script So really comedy (2015).

  • Participated MasterChef VIP TV show 2021.

  • He enjoys painting.

  • The family includes a wife, three adult children.

  • Turns 70 on Friday, August 2nd.



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