60 years old | The singer of the heavy band Zero Ninen, who has become popular from the record jury, still enjoys Kuusamo: “We achieved much more than we could hope in our wildest dreams at the beginning”

Zero Nine singer Keijo “Kepa” Salmirinne has progressed in life to heart. Today, he works in the rental cottage business in Ruka.

One The most popular bands in Finland became Kuusamo in the early 1980s. Zero Nine won television with their first single Record albumprogram and rose to popularity that lasted well into the next decade.

“Compared to the modern world, the thing was pretty easy. If you were On the record and yet you did, it had unpredictable power. There wasn’t an awful lot of rock on TV, ”the band’s singer Keijo “Kepa” Salmirinne recalls.

Zero Nine has remained the main project of his music career for over 40 years. The band is still active and will perform this summer as well.

Salmirinteen the rock hobby began as a teenager inspired by the big brothers record shelf. The brothers called Cream at home, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

“My oldest brother Rocks was in rock band patterns here in Kuusamo, and the guys reeled to see if that Keijoki could sing. I went to trainings to show my abilities and others got so excited that it started out. ”

Soloist images were found Ian Gillan, David Coverdale and Robert Plant, from whose name Salmirinne uses the more native form Lanttu-Roope.

“There was a fresh rock meining in Kuusamo, even though we were a rural town and then a church village. There was a group of dozens of callers here and common training rooms. ”

Zero Nine bay Record albumafter winning and the first album to tour the country. The first three albums were released at a rapid pace in 1982-83.

The gig continued uninterrupted for more than ten years. The popularity was greatest at the age-restricted gig venues in Eastern Finland and Ostrobothnia, which were many. Salmirinne describes Zero Nine as a roller coaster of the provincial dance venues.

The band recorded their second album in London. The producer was Salmirinte’s role model Ian Gillan. Finnish rock Jee jee jee According to the historical work, however, Gillan enjoyed himself at the time of recording, mainly in a nearby pub.

“Producing from a pub is a bit of a joke, but perhaps not terribly far from the truth nonetheless. When the songs were recorded, he was there almost always, but we were more of a busy recorder Paul Watkins with.”

For example later also came across gigs. Zero Nine was often a warm-up when foreign name bands arrived in Finland for a gig.

“When we were on tour with Scandinavia and Germany in 1996 with AC / DC, it was great to watch from the back of the stage when AC / DC weighed in to go. Absolutely amazing with what kind of attitude the guys pulled the tours for a couple of years. Evening after night, all the rage all the time. ”

About foreign gigs despite Zero Nine did not make an international breakthrough, but Salmirinte is not annoyed. He is only happy about the success of later Finnish heavy bands in the world.

According to Salmirinte, Finland was the main market area for domestic heavy bands in the 1980s. Releasing records and playing gigs abroad were just extra. Now the international market is more important for bands.

“We got to visit abroad, but compared to the current situation, we only knocked on doors. We were in traffic a little early, because the Finnish band was considered coming from the Soviet Union at that time. However, I am happy and proud of what has been done. We achieved much more than we could have hoped for in our wildest dreams at the beginning. ”

For the last twenty years, Keijo Salmirinne has worked in the rental cottage business in Ruka.

When Zero Nine’s most active gig ended, Salmirinne joined the background teams of Oulu’s 45 Special restaurant and Tyrnävä distillery. For the last twenty years he has worked in the rental cottage business in Ruka.

“These are all things that have had a heart at the Mass. While there hasn’t always been such a treat financially – just like no one who has chosen to follow a mood as their way of life – there has always been food in the fridge. There have been no things I would have liked to have done, but I could not. My biggest hope is that this mood will continue. ”

There are other hopes. They include the thoughts of a man who grew up in the north.

“The gang should be struggling with nature and climate change. When I look out the window, here is a stunning lake view and clear water that you could even drink. What if we kept it the same? ”

Keijo “Kepa” Salmirinne

  • Born in 1961 in Kuusamo, where he still lives.

  • Singer of the band Zero Nine since 1978. The band has released nine albums between 1982 and 2009.

  • The most famous songs include Banging On Drums, White Lines, Angel and Tango Del Dolor. Also recorded a solo album in 1993.

  • The family includes a wife.

  • Enjoys music and hiking in nature.

  • Turns 60 on Thursday, July 22nd.



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