60 years old | Spear thrower Tero Pitkämäke is to be thanked for the digital TV audience, says Lena Brun, CEO of Finnpanel

In order to see the spear finale at the 2007 Osaka World Championships, it was necessary to purchase a set-top box. “And so the Finns got it. Yes, I will give big credits to Pitkämäki for the transfer, ”Lena Brun says with a laugh.

Finn watches television for an average of just over three hours a day, according to recent statistics from Finnpanel, which takes measurements of television viewing and listening to the radio.

How average TV viewer you are, CEO of Finnpanel Lena Brun?

“I look a little less than the average viewer. But it would be good to look at the viewing time according to age groups, it correlates so nicely with age. ”

So: the younger a person is, the less time they spend watching TV. Young people watch for an average of an hour, those in their fifties and fifties for a couple of hours, and those in their sixties and up for four to five hours.

“It simply came to our notice then. When I was younger, I looked less, as well as when there were peak years and family around. Now is more time for the telly. ”

Its more specifically, Brun refuses to disclose his own viewing habits, for hygiene reasons.

“But I follow the news, it rhythms everyday. A certain time gives a bit like permission to end an active day. But it seems to be shrinking. Younger generations have not embraced TV news in the same way. They will stay up to date by other means. ”

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TV research has been conducted in Finland since 1960. Brun proudly describes the measurement system currently in use.

“This is a really great system. About a thousand families from all over Finland have been selected for the study. We have visited them to install meters on the telly and modems. Data is collected and processed every night. ”

Radio listening research is carried out more traditionally. It asks sample individuals to fill out a diary for a week of what has been listened to, where and when.

“I would like to thank all the Finns who participated in our research. You do an important job, ”Brun says.

In Founded in 1975, Finnpanel co-operates with television companies operating in Finland and regularly publishes detailed information on, for example, the most watched TV programs. Viewership figures are important, for example, for advertising sales on commercial channels, but they can also be used in a wide range of research.

Brun recalls coming to the house thirty years ago, in 1991.

“I was on maternity leave when an old student told me that she was leaving Finnpanel. This is where the place I was looking for became available. Some strange feeling came to me right away, it was as if I had come home. ”

Brun has been the CEO since 1994. He enjoys the job when the company has a good spirit and the industry offers challenges and impulses in an appropriate proportion, he formulates and describes himself as a very goal-oriented person. It, in turn, is the culmination of a youth-leading sports career. Brun, then Teckenbergwon the high jump championship gold in 1982.

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“I quit when I graduated from Hanken. I felt that hard training was well suited for studying, but it was harder to combine competitive sports with work. ”

Lena Brun describes herself as a very purposeful person. It is the culmination of a youth-leading sports career.

Three the decade will hold many kinds of turmoil in the world of television and radio. One of the biggest upheavals was the transition to digital television: analogue television was switched off in households on the first day of September 2007.

“It was an exciting and really challenging time for us too. It was then figured out how to keep up with the change in measurement. In the end, it worked out really well. ”

A spear thrower rushed to the rescue Tero Pitkämäkiperhaps unknowingly.

“That was the Osaka World Championships at the time and Pitkämäki was a big pre-favorite. The spear final was held on the second day of September, and to see it, it was mandatory to purchase a set-top box. And so the Finns got it. Yes, I will give big credits to Pitkämäki for the move, ”Brun says and laughs.

With the digital switchover, many bought a recordable set-top box that made it easier to record and watch programs than before. Digitization also brought with it the proliferation of pay-TV, as many set-top boxes had a payment card slot. Today, more than half of Finns subscribe to some kind of payment channel or streaming service, Brun says.

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“In a way, that change of attitude took place around 2010 then. That’s when the soil was created. ”

Last the big business is still going on, according to Brun. TV content has moved more and more online.

“The future is much in the hands of domestic TV operators: what and how they decide to offer their content. They have a guiding effect on Finnish consumers. ”

Still, not everything can be predicted. The turmoil in the world is also reflected in television viewing.

“For example, in the spring of 2020, Yle had quite a lot of live current affairs in the afternoons related to Korona. It clearly garnered viewing at an unconventional time. And overall, news and current affairs viewing grew 20 percent during the spring and summer of 2020. And it increased especially for those aged 25-44. ”

What is it about?

“When the situation is on, TV is an important information channel.”

Lena Brun

  • Born in Sipoo in 1962.

  • Master of Business Administration, Hanken 1986.

  • As CEO of Finnpanel since 1994.

  • Former top athlete. Finnish champion in high jumping 1982.

  • Lives in Helsinki. The family includes three adult children and a Spouse.

  • Turns 60 on Thursday, March 17th.

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