60 years old | Eppu Nuotio sought a career of his own for a long time: an actor trainee who had fallen in love with theater as a child eventually became a very prolific writer.

It has been important for Eppu Nuoti to tell the stories of the women.

“It would be it is now the 89th or 90th book… ”, Eppu Nuotio is pondering the serial number of his latest book remotely at Hanko’s author’s residence.

Appearing on the 60th anniversary of the campfire Butterfly dress – Raakel Oksa decides start a new series of excitement.

No wonder the number of works doesn’t exactly remember the author’s mind. Nuotio is a prolific author who has written children’s books, detective stories, plays, auditions as well as scripts for TV series.

Counting it is also difficult to draw the line. Nuotio has collaborated a lot with other writers and theater makers, among others Tuutikki Tolonen with several children ‘s books and Tiina Brännaren with musicals.

“Writing is a solitary job. When you write with another, it’s like dumplings, ”he says.

It has been important for the campfire to tell the stories of the women.

Career began unofficially at the age of 14 when a dramatic debut play about an unfortunate class trip Titanic now was performed at the Iisalmi Youth Theater.

There was also a novel manuscript written during high school, which was “fortunately not published”.

It took a little longer to get to official writing. The campfire was a 30-year-old mother of three at the time of her debut book Guard and fly helicopter published in 1994.

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Kurre [aviomies, teatteriohjaaja Kurt Nuotio] had bought me an electric typewriter when our second child was born in 1987. That year I wrote my first children’s program Five to To TV2. “

In the 1980s, the machine also created a few mini-plays for the Jyväskylä City Theater, where Nuotio acted as a substitute for the actor’s maternity leave.

Yet it was not until the first book that entered the publishing program that it felt like official recognition. As if “through a dead end”.

“I sent the script to publishers a lot of times and I learned the basics of the author’s work right from the start: I have to be able to correct my own text.”

Campfire says family life made him a writer. The everyday life of a family with children was “a safe concrete block on which to pour”.

The recession of the 1990s gave the career a pace.

“We lost all our possessions. We couldn’t even rent an apartment in Helsinki, but we lived in a little croft in Kirkkonummi. ”

The pandemic that has engulfed jobs has therefore felt like a recurrence.

“The lashes of the recession are still felt in the back. I have wanted to bring bread to a common table by writing and I have not been waiting for a grant or inspiration, I have just written. ”

Writing it was not the first career plan though, but the theater was attracted.

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“Love of theater has always been with me. As a child, I went to the theater with my parents and as a teenager, I think I don’t start smoking but save money on theater trips. ”

There were four attempts at theater school. The doors did not open.

“If someone had said to apply to the playwright line, things could have gone differently. But I am quite pleased that the road went this way, twisting, ”says Nuotio, who has learned to write.

Theater school After the doors closed, the road meandered through studies in Steiner pedagogy as a trainee at the Rauma City Theater in 1981.

The next contract for a mortgage on the Kouvola Theater was already in my pocket, but meeting Kurt Nuotio changed the direction of life.

“Family life immediately started with a rumble and brought the horizon to see over your own navel.”

On aging The campfire is mostly pleased. “It’s wonderful to be this age and know your own place.”

“I was an unhappy young person and I measured myself through the eyes of others. All in all, it felt like it was the wrong size and the wrong look. Finding my own place was tricky. It was a big surprise that the future was nothing more than a red carpet spreading in front of me. ”

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Age also brings awareness to one’s own limitations.

“Ideas come all the time. He already knows in his sixties that I have no time to write everything that my head produces.

But he says he will try.

“I write every day. I wake up in the morning after six, I make a cup of tea and start writing. I am privileged to do the work I love. ”

Eppu Nuotio

  • Born in 1962 in Iisalmi.

  • A student at Iisalmi High School in 1981.

  • As an actor at the Rauma City Theater in 1981–1983, at the Jyväskylä City Theater as an actor in 1988–1992.

  • Starred in TV series Church in the middle of the village (1986), Fire stairs (1998), Summer bitch (1998–1999) and Sisters (2003).

  • Author of children’s and youth books, poems, plays, suspense novels and TV scripts. The latest work Butterfly dress (2022) begins a new series of suspense books.

  • He has written dozens of plays and musicals with Tiina Brännare and worked closely with composer Jukka Nykänen.

  • Finnish Picture Book Award 1995, Koura Award 1999, Children’s Reading Theft Award 2008, Ship Clock Award 2009 and Kaarina Helakisa Award 2010.

  • Lives in the Helsinki metropolitan area, married to theater director Kurt Nuotio, three children.

  • Turns 60 years old on Sunday, February 13th.

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