60 years old | Bogart Co. there were enough haters in the 1980s, but later Ressu Redford is no longer shouted on the street

“Consumption has changed, and acceptance of different things is quite different in music. It is clearly a positive development, ”says Ressu Redford, a pop singer who entered the solo career in the late 1990s.

Esa Mäkelän or Ressu Redfordin a pop career has a measure of almost 40 years. Time has passed in bands and as a solo artist, the language of singing varied between English and Finnish.

“I’ve always liked to change things in the muse. Of course, it doesn’t always work, but at least it’s natural for me to try new things, because pop music changes all the time anyway, ”says Mäkelä.

Career holds success and quieter times. The last few years have been downwind again.

“If an artist has come up at some point, it always comes down. But if you can do it, there is a chance for a new ascent. I have been in a happy position to have been hit in the long run. ”

Mäkelä rose to prominence in the mid-1980s Bogart Co. as a singer of the band. The playing hobby began at the school’s music club, and Mäkelä moved on to become a soloist when he found himself getting as high as the heavy singers he was listening to.

“One bar night then, I was sitting at a band-type table, and they complained that there wasn’t a singer singing from high up. I said yes, I can come to the training room to look. ”

Bogart Co. started out as a rock band, but the first album flopped. Popularity began with a change of line in the direction of synth pop and All the Best Girls from the song.

The synth band, which sings in English, had previously been banned by major record companies, however Checkmate and Teppo Ruohonen the company gave it a chance.

“For the young jerk, big audiences and hysteria were a great thing. Before that, it had already felt like nothing would work out. The parents also said that it would be worthwhile to really go to work somewhere. ”

Bogart C/o. enjoyed popularity during the second half of the 1980s. The records were recorded in Sweden and England.

“Especially in the British, music making was much more technology-driven back then. We also thought that Kunpa would get a producer who works wonders. He later realized that songs are the most important thing. We tried to go abroad in our own way, but it wasn’t terribly organized and there was no export idea for Finnish muse like today. ”

The band after graduation, 28-year-old Mäkelä thought he was too old to become a popper and become a producer. However, he was asked to sing a half-minute piece of music for the commercial. It worked so well that it was written around the ad Who is it right -paragraph.

“I told the author of the ad Tapaninen to Juha, I haven’t even sung in Finnish. I’m forever grateful to him, because my pop career probably wouldn’t have continued without that song. ”

With the hit, Mäkelä became one of the most popular solo artists in the country. When the Singing Language changed to Finnish, others began to listen to the favorites of teenage girls in the 1980s.

Alongside her singing career, Esa Mäkelä has produced music for herself, others and commercials.

Three after the solo album, Mäkelä changed his style again as he became enthusiastic about English dance pop. The Sound of RELS band got a couple more hits to their careers. He later made the music from Neon 2 familiar Jussi Rainion but the last few years have been spent again as a solo artist with new collaborators.

Alongside his singing career, Mäkelä has produced music for himself, others and commercials. In his opinion, the quality of production and songwriting has improved a lot in Finland compared to the early years of his career.

“It was said before that we must not make an international sound but have to go abroad. Now you really don’t have to go anywhere anymore. ”

Also the climate for pop has changed. Bogart had enough haters in the 1980s, but later Mäkelä was no longer shouted on the street.

“Finland was a very rock country at the time, and we did that style thing alone. There was a lot more tunnel vision back then that this road is right and everyone else is a little wrong, ”he says.

“When I follow my own sons, young people are now digging songs, and they can be very broad from different genres. Before, one artist was digged, its records were bought and everyone else was bullshit. Consumption has changed, and acceptance of different things is quite different in music. That is clearly a positive development. ”

Esa Mäkelä (Ressu Redford)

  • Born in 1961 in Turku, where he still lives.

  • Bands Bogart Co., Sound Of RELS and Ressu Redford & Jussi Rainio.

  • Solo records since 1990. The most famous songs are e.g. Who is it right, Six moons and the rings of Saturn, do not go, Get lost in what you did, The last day and Corolla.

  • Enjoys football, paddle and gym.

  • The family consists of two adult sons.

  • Turns 60 on Friday, July 30th.



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