50 years old | In her work, designer Inni Pärnänen wants to find out what can be done from different materials: “For me, doing is a meditative being in the middle of this hectic time”

The work of artist-designer Inni Pärnänen is based on the arrangement of graphic shapes and structures and the study of the possibilities of different materials.

First an enchanting world of form by an artist-designer Inni Pärnänen remember from his childhood, were preparations on the microscope glass of his mother, who worked as a veterinarian. Since then, he has found that nature repeats the same forms everywhere.

“I grew up artistic and working with different materials through my mother. We did a lot ourselves at home, for example sewing clothes and repairing furniture. There was a culture that did not buy new but repair old, ”he says.

Pärnänen saw no alternatives to the art profession. He first studied goldsmithing at the Lahti Institute of Design and then graduated with a master’s degree in art from the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

“I’m a detailed person, and doing by hand is a way for me to approach the world. My work has grown innate and taken in different directions, but it has always had a structural premise and a desire to find out what can be done from different materials, ”he describes.

As a jeweler Pärnu is fascinated by man’s age-old desire to decorate and the opportunity to fit large ideas into a small space on the complex platform of the human body.

Silver and gold jewelry is created by shaping some basic geometric shape into three dimensions, tying the pieces together and experimenting with different structures.

“By connecting one piece, larger spatial entities are created. I have a monomanic relationship to links, connections, and intertwined and intertwined things. I think geometrically in three dimensions, even though I can’t calculate, ”he describes.

“To me is to do a meditative being in the midst of this hectic time, and the best thing about it is the insight when I start to see the figure of a piece of jewelry in my work. The jewelery is associated with the experience of sending a moment of happy beauty to its wearer. ”

She would love to give her jewelry to a Pakistani women’s rights advocate, for example Malala Yousafzaille thank you for his courage and for taking the good message forward.

Larger Pärnänen started working after the birth of his two now teenage children, when he was at home a lot, where he did not have the same tools as in the study. He started by designing the official symbol of the Rector of Aalto University, the cloak of the Rector, in an invitational competition.

“I realized back then that I could also jump in and do things that didn’t match my education,” she says.

Since then, he has made reliefs, room dividers and lamps from plywood, as well as steel sculptures, where he has used 3D modeling and laser techniques. At the same time, he has experimented with new cellulose-based ecological materials such as Paptic.

“The color scheme of my work, like my home, is the broken, muddy and gray tones found on the ground, even though I dress a lot in black myself. Colors that are not clearly definable are really fascinating, ”he characterizes.

The recently unveiled Kesä relief in the new Loisto tower building in Kalasatama in Pärnänen is associated with a particularly warm idea. The landscape is the same as Sompasaari, where, as a child, he and his mother met his sea captain father when the ship returned to his home port after months of separation.

For positions of trust Pärnänen has applied because he misses the community as a single player and wants to promote things in his field. At the same time, they have provided an opportunity to interact with artists and designers in other fields.

Among his colleagues, he admires, for example, a versatile visual artist Janna Syvänojaa and his material-based work as well as the designers of the Company Studio Morning Songia and Johan Olinia for their holistic approach to their work.

“About young factors Toni R. Toivonen images of animal carcasses formed on brass plates through the putrefaction process are also of interest. ”

To himself Pärnänen wants nothing more than good work opportunities and maybe a few more hours a day.

“I hope the children, spouse and parents are all well. I prefer to look at the world through my children, they are so much bigger than my own accomplishments, ”he says.

As an admirer and collector of beautiful objects that preferably tell good stories, Pärnänen intends to delight both his loved ones and himself with his birthday experience.

“I took my grandmother’s father’s hundred-year-old tailcoat for repair to the seamstress, which I use if I organize a party. I like things that go along and move forward. ”

Inni Pärnänen

  • Born in Helsinki in 1971.

  • Wrote as a student of the Franco-Finnish school in Helsinki in 1990.

  • Graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design as a goldsmith in 1995 and from the degree program in handicrafts and arts and crafts in 1998 at the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

  • Has held numerous solo exhibitions and participated in joint exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

  • Work in several publications as well as private and public collections, including the Design Museum’s collections in Helsinki.

  • Works as a jewelry designer for the Lumoava brand.

  • Worked in recent years with a five-year artist grant from the Art Promotion Center.

  • Successful in competitions and received honorable mentions. Among other things, the Jewelry Artist of the Year 2017 jewelery artist of the year.

  • Member of the Visual Arts Display Grants Committee and Chairman of the Architecture and Design Committee of the Arts Promotion Center.

  • Lives with his wife and teenage daughter and son in Kamppi, Helsinki.

  • Engages in various work-related matters.

  • Turns 50 on Thursday, October 28th.

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