50 years old | “I was terribly childish for a long time,” says Tiina Lymi, who makes a film about Maija in Myrskyluoto – writing a tragedy forced her to face things about herself

Comedy has been a natural starting point for Tiina Lym, for example in the Sisäilmaa series, but for the first time in Maija Myrskyluoto she is completely dependent on drama.

“It came until dreams, ”he says Tiina Lymi Myrskyluoto May story.

Lymi has written the script Anni Blomqvistin a film based on a series of novels over the past year and a half. The film, directed by Lyme, will start filming next summer.

The story spoke to Lyme on a very personal level.

“It has to do with resilience, what is the source of survival. A person can do many things if the option is to die out, especially if there is responsibility for children. Thus there is a different kind of strength associated with grace and love. ”

The interest arose specifically from Maija’s character.

“Maija is a special person who is a little different from others. He encounters a person who sees him and loves just the way he is. In this way, Maija is able to grow to her full potential. There’s something really beautiful about it and that’s what I wanted to make this film into. ”

Lymi says the scriptwriting process was painful precisely because of his personality.

“Usually I’m a pretty fast writer, but this was slow. It was perhaps related to the fact that I had to face things that I had dodged within myself. I went a little through the basement to the subject. ”

Lymi is previously directed comedy – oriented coloring films such as Heroes of the Arctic Circle 3, Happy times, Repentant and Garden day. In Maija, Myrskyluoto for the first time, he is completely dependent on drama.

“Coming from the root of drama and tragedy is a natural way for me to approach the world. In Maija there is no element of this comedy involved, although I did have to hold on to the bridle while writing. ”

The comedy was also rooted in and directed by Lymi Juha Lehtolan with a scripted TV series Indoor air (2021). The satire at the employment office hit hard on the theme of weathering in the welfare state.

Lymi says that the aim was to describe the theme specifically from the structure.

“It wasn’t easy to describe the structure that has power. Juhan was thought of a few times [Lehtola] extradition and eviction. “

The same faceless structure has been realized for him in decisions concerning Corona-era cultural events.

“There’s some self-spinning bureaucracy that doesn’t go above the person. The machinery controls more than the thing it should work for. ”

Actual big career dreams Lymi doesn’t remember from her childhood.

“Archeology and history were interesting, and still interesting. It may be that one day I will be brushing in a pit with a brush. ”

When Lymi, in the wake of his high school friends, sought the line of acting at the Theater Academy in 1990 and got in right away, it was a “bit of a pity”.

Lym, who was interested in writing, intended to pursue a line of playwrights later.

It happened differently.

He was attached directly from the school to the COM Theater so quickly that the final written work was interrupted. During more than ten years of COM, Lymi acted, among other things Reko Lundánin in successful plays Always someone gets lost (1998) and Unnecessary people (2003).

“It was great and important stuff. Reko was not only a colleague, but also a good friend, ”Lymi recalls Lundán, who died in 2006 at the age of only 37.

“I learned terribly at the COM Theater. If life had not gone as it went and Reko was still here, we would certainly still be cooperating. ”

Lymi says having been “terribly childish for an awful long time”.

“When I grew up in my thirties, the need to write started to raise its head so that it could no longer be avoided.”

The first play, comedy Wolf inside was born in 2009. It was also Lymi’s first directing to Tampere’s Työväen Teatteri.

The dreams of the future are related to making movies. Admittedly, it does not look good in financial terms. The government recently announced that it will cut funding from the Finnish Film Foundation and the Audiovisual Culture Promotion Foundation Avek.

“Graphically, in the work of the director, the bar of artistic vision should rise above all else. Alongside that, a gimmick bar often rises, which is because we don’t have the money now and you get half as many shooting days, so things have to be solved in a different way. Then the gimmick easily rises past the sight, ”Lymi points out.

He does not say he is applying for grants. “I’m terribly bad at practical stuff. Playing with receipts is like pounding with an iron on your back skin. Money is over, of course, but that’s how they have been before. I come from a poor single-parent family that I won’t be upset if my standard of living throws, ”Lymi laughs.

Myrskyluoto May however, the budget and the vision now seem to meet for once.

“No gimmicks are needed.”

Tiina Lymi

  • Born 1971 in Tampere.

  • Studied at the Theater Academy 1990–1994.

  • As a fixed actor at the COM Theater 1990–2003.

  • Awarded Best Actress Jussi for her first film role in film Aquarium love (1993).

  • Film roles e.g. Rise season (2003), Running trench (2004) and I’m Finnish (2019). TV steering wheel Take turns in guests (1997), The wishes of the motherland (1998-2000), I want a thing (2005), Pulse (2014–2019).

  • Directed by movies Sudden departure (2016), Heroes of the Arctic Circle 3 (2017), Happy times, Repentant (2018), Garden day (2019) as well as a TV series Indoor air (2021). Screenplayed for a TV series Unreasonableness (2016), which won the best screenplay by Venla.

  • Founded the production company East Film with screenwriter-director Juha Lehtola in 2019.

  • Lives in Helsinki, three children.

  • Turns 50 on Friday, September 3rd.

Correction 2.9. at 10.14: In an earlier version of the story, September 3 was incorrectly mentioned as Thursday. September 3 will hit Friday this year.



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