40 years old | We were half-innocent, Ville Malja says about his rock star years in the world with the band Lapko

The Lapko band made Ville Malja a rock star on the eve of adulthood. Since then, the musician has studied to be a photographer.

Lapko band popularity peaked around 2006–2007. It toured the world all the way to America, Russia, and Japan. Guitarist-singer Ville Malja got to taste the rock star.

“Lapko started as an alternative band, and then was number two on the list Madonna after. We were identified on the street and it was not possible to walk among the audience at the festivals, ”Malja recalls.

Popularity did not come overnight. Lapko was founded in 1996 in Harjavalta. Alternative rock i.e. boom everywhere. The bowl was 15 years old. He had to play drums, but they switched to guitar. Malja grabbed the band’s name from the gym’s weight mark, which he remembered a little wrong.

“In the 21st century, it took place in Tokyo and New York at the age when all sorts of nonsense had to be done. At that point, there were no more children but hardly any adults, half innocent. But we managed to make records and there were scarps at the gigs, too. ”

Lapkon fools were common in rock life. Alcohol was consumed in such a way that today the Cup no longer needs it at all. While the hustle and bustle came at a price, he says he’s glad it all came to be done. There are also useful things left of it.

“Lapko was my school not only for music but also for culture and really being with people. By sitting on the tour bus, I learned when to give space to someone else and when it is appropriate to be in the voice. ”

Lapko’s last album was released in 2015, but Malja says no official decision to close has been made in principle. For almost 20 years, the band didn’t just have a rock life.

Bowl studied at the Satakunta School of Crafts and Design as a graphic designer and later at the Lahti Institute of Design as a photographer. Many other well-known musicians and other artists have studied in Lahti.

“Lapko bassist Anssi got into the Arts and Crafts to study graphic design. I have always felt that I don’t have to do something if there is someone close to me who does it better. Besides, the graphic designers are sitting at the screen and I’m social. ”

Malja started studying in Lahti in 2002. A couple of years later, a “rock trip” began and Malja interrupted her studies. He returned to them as the situation calmed down.

According to Malja’s estimate, livelihood was the sixth boldest year in Lapko. Along the way, he has done more. After moving to Helsinki, he worked as a stevedore in the port of Sompasaari, where apartments have now been built. A few months passed before he learned to understand the speech of old dockers.

“It was my last so-called real job. Yes, I have always been hardworking. The cook’s and carpenter’s son already had an attitude from home that money doesn’t grow on a tree. ”

Today Malja works as a freelance photographer. He takes both newspaper and commercial photos. He has a wide range of clients from the Ateneum to the Government.

“In filming, contact, the presence of the subject in the pictures and my connection to the subject are essential to me. I shot a little for Lapko. It feels perverted to watch your own larva on the screen. At times, I even avoided shooting music. Hertzenin for brothers, Ismo Alangolle and Jonna to Tervomaa I have photographed. ”

The photographer’s work also spawned directing the documentary to MTV3. The bowl toured the United States for a month as a reporter Mari Karppisen doing with Trump’s America – a divided nation documentary (2018). The bowl says that on that trip, he really understood how much he had learned on the tours.

Music there is no missed calling either. Today, Malja sings in the band Moon Shot and lyrics to its songs. The other members are familiar from Children of Bodom and the Disco Ensemble. The super band will play their first gig on July 23 in Germany. The album is coming in October.

“In Moon Shot, I’m just one of the four legs on the table. We make catchy alternative rock that has its roots at the turn of the century. Jussi Ylikoski composes the songs, and for the first time I feel like everything is being taken away from my vote. ”

Sport and exercise have always helped the Bowl in everything, including creativity. Lapko warmed up and warmed up before each show.

Malja also plans to celebrate her 40th anniversary on the move, running 40 kilometers around Töölönlahti, regardless of the weather. So there will be almost a marathon of laps.

“Mom taught that the holiday is not the most essential, but what happens 364 days around it. Everyone is welcome to come with me for a run or kickboard or even to party on the lawn. It is not meant to run the taste of blood in your mouth, but to stop to chat with acquaintances at times. ”

Ville Malja

  • Born in 1981 in Harjavalta.

  • Singer and guitarist of the Lapko band 1996–2015.

  • Lapko released the records The Arms (2004), Scandal (2006), Young Desire (2007), A New Bohemia (2010), Love (2012) and Freedom (2015).

  • Graduated as a photographer from the Lahti Design Institute in 2007.

  • Worked as a photographer since 2010.

  • Directed a documentary Trump’s America – a divided nation (2018).

  • Current band Moon Shot will release their debut album in October.

  • Lives in Helsinki’s Lauttasaari with a common-law partner and a dog.

  • Turns 40 on Monday, July 19th.



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