40 years old | Pamela Tola wants to tell stories where women are active

Breakthrough film The girl you are the star set Pamela Tolaa for a long time. “People often tend to think that Actors are equal to their roles.”

“I want to conveys hope in my work. I am not addressed by art that pushes evil into the face, ”director, actor, screenwriter Pamela Tola says.

She also wants to tell stories where women are active.

Tola is currently working on a new one Anemonesa working movie. The film about the difficult friendship of the game designers is written by the screenwriter Susanna Laaksonen, Tola directs it.

The topic was of interest, among other things, because the friendship of adult women has not been reported in domestic films. A documentary musician is also in the works Almasta.

Tolan debut control Swingers (2018) was a Finnish version of a Danish film from a couple weekend. Another guidance, about retired siblings Steel dolls, your pain as the most watched movie of 2020. Tola also scripted the film.

Steel foundations putting it on the big screen was no snap.

“It wasn’t obvious that Steel dolls received funding. It was argued to me that no one wants to watch such old women on the big screen. My jump from acting to directing certainly had an impact on that as well. ”

Tolan the breakthrough came in 2005 when he was still studying at the Theater Academy. The same year appeared Aku Louhimiehen movie Bad country mixed Dome Karukosken Girl you are a star. Tola played a key role in both.

“I was overly attached to acting and ruthless to myself, nothing was ever enough. I realized I can’t go on like that or I’m going crazy. Nor did I ever identify with the idea that an actor is the clown who loves attention. ”

Girl you are a star was a huge success. Tola feels that it also defined him for a long time.

“It was a great experience, but it also marked me negatively because people often tend to think that Actors are equal to their roles. Within the Netherlands, people have commented that ‘I’ve thought you’re the kind of girl you’re a star of“, he tells.

“It was shocking because I’m anything but a kind girl from a wealthy family in Espoo.”

Tola did not leave at that time to correct perceptions because he wanted to keep his private life to himself.

For him, acting has always been primarily about telling stories, not being on display. The hobby began in childhood first with stories shot with a video camera and continued as a theater hobby. The hobby served as a getaway from the awkward circumstances of childhood.

In January, Tola’s brother Jonathan Tola published an autofictional work The red planet, which tells about family backgrounds. Father of the family, Mikko Tola, was a mentally ill ITE artist, and money was not always enough for family food. Both parents died when the siblings were young, and a four-person sibling ended up in an orphanage and family home.

The brother’s book evoked many emotions in Tola.

“I am proud of Jonathan. It is perfectly understandable that he wants to deal with his life, and of course he has dealt with things from his own perspective. The fact that things about me that I hadn’t chosen to tell suddenly were suddenly on the pages of the magazines seemed surprisingly powerful. But that is something that had to be accepted. ”

Theater Academy the doors did not open for Tola the first time. For a gap year, she ended up studying dance therapy, “a little by chance”.

“It was a bit of a joke in the sense that I can’t dance at all. But the year was a turning point for me, I became empowered and I was relieved by the selfish conditions. ”

After studying dance therapy, studying at the Theater Academy felt like a cold shower.

“I found the criticism difficult, especially when as a student it is still very unfinished and as an actor does the work with all its essence. I have also never adapted to a leveling school world because I am very sensitive to my own feelings and those of others. ”

Tola feels that she did not receive the support she needed during her studies.

“I feel bad during school hours, but when I told the Theater School school psychologist about my symptoms, he said there was no reason for him to recommend therapy to me.”

Today acting is a liberating variation on directing for Tola.

From the future, he hopes that curiosity and enthusiasm will be maintained, no matter what profession he is in.

“I don’t want to build such thoughts for myself that I’m only important when I succeed. People are more interested in their own well-being and inner peace. ”

Pamela Tola

  • Born in 1981 in Ruotsinpyhtää, lives in Helsinki.

  • Graduated with a Master of Theater Arts in 2008, written thesis Why am I acting also appeared as a book in 2007.

  • Also studied dance therapy and reflexology.

  • Appeared in films, among other things Bad country (2005), Girl you are a star (2005), the heroes of the Arctic Circle (2010), Bloom (2012) and Everything correct (2018) as well as in TV series Elastic (2010 and 2017) and From three (2017–2018).

  • Directed by movies Swingers (2018) and Steel dolls (2020) as well as TV series Rotten apples (2021).

  • Three children.

  • Turns 40 on Friday, October 15th.

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