40 years old | “If you’re a woman and pretty, you have to grow really thick skin,” says chef and food entrepreneur Sara La Fountain

Sara La Fountain is pleased that the restaurant and hotel industry has provided the opportunity to do a wide variety of things.

In many a chef cooked in broth and a food entrepreneur Sara La Fountain got a particularly memorable job gig a couple of years ago: he found himself a football player Cristiano Ronaldon from the yacht.

The wash of the week included the preparation of healthy and nutritious food, after all, there was a star courier preparing for the new season.

“The food was meant to support performance and preparation for the season. But yes, he also enjoyed and tore. For example, a lot of cakes were made from the beginning of the week. The rest of the week was then lived healthier, ”La Fountain says amusedly.

Yachts, beautiful scenery and eternal sunshine are not commonplace, although through the food and lifestyle programs and social media made by La Fountain, one might think so. There’s hard work behind it all, he stresses.

“Food is a passion for me, and I’m really driven,” he says emphatically.

In recent years, La Fountain’s interest has been particularly focused on healthy and nutritious food. He has been studying it for the last twelve years among other things. Athletes are paying more and more attention to nutrition, and La Fountain’s help has also been in demand.

“Now we are thinking more about how to cleanse the body and support performance through nutrition. Not to just eat money. ”

Enthusiasm for food caught fire as early as childhood. The American father’s side of the family has made an impact in the restaurant and hotel industry, La Fountain says.

“Dad, Dad’s brother and grandma have had restaurants and hotel restaurants.”

Originally, however, La Fountain dreamed of a confectionery profession. He enjoyed sugar blowing and other skill-intensive whipping. At a younger age, a career became a model as well, but gradually food became more than a hobby.

Interest was also fueled by talent.

“I’ve always had a really precise sense of taste, I can see through the recipe by tasting.”

I eat in addition, internationality has been a natural part of life. Born in Santa Barbara, California, La Fountain was five years old when her parents divorced. He moved to Finland with his mother, but ties with the United States remained. Eventually, he ended up back behind the crap to study at the Culinary Institute of America in New York.

“I went to Nyki pretty chick, but I got a good basic starting point for the industry. There I had to start making one restaurant in Manhattan, but my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and I came back to Finland. ”

At that time, according to La Fountain, there was still a “salt and pepper spirit” in Finnish food culture. He also feels that he has also changed Finnish food attitudes in a more open-minded and enthusiastic direction.

“It was behind the hard work to get the Finns to use spices. But it was also an interesting time when everyone developed and got involved. ”

At first he did food stuff for magazines, and soon the road took him to television. Several production companies wanted to do a program with a young woman who knew her thing and was still in front of the camera at home. The legacy of a Finnish TV chef when there was – and still is – a man in the kitchen at that time.

“I had to make twice as much duunia than men. Unfortunately, the field includes that if you are a woman and pretty pretty, you have to grow really thick skin. Rarely is it just said out loud. ”

La Fountain’s first program Avec Sara began spinning on MTV3 in 2005. The same year, the first cookbook was published, winning the title of Best Newcomer at the Gourmand World Cookbook Award. It, in turn, opened the doors to international circles, new TV and book projects, and other job opportunities. The programs of the international chef have been broadcast on television in more than a hundred countries and on the planes of several airlines.

“Now I have done more programs in English than in Finnish.”

TV cooking and in addition to books, La Fountain has done development work and recipes for various brands, designed restaurant concepts and menus, tableware, various product lines, ready meals and so on.

Most recently, there are diners in Japan and a trading concept based on automation.

“It’s especially for busy people. It should open here in spring and summer, first to Helsinki and later elsewhere. Maybe it can be taken abroad as well. ”

In the future, there will also be hotel businesses. Of this, La Fountain is particularly pleased that the area he loves has provided an opportunity to do so many different things.

“I have a good feeling for everything that I have accomplished.”

Sara La Fountain

Born 1981 in Santa Barbara, USA.

Studied at the Culinary Institute of America in New York.

Has done several food programs that have been presented in over a hundred countries. Written six cookbooks. The debut book won a new entrant series at the Gourmand World Cookbook Award in 2006.

Lives in Helsinki.

Turns 40 on Thursday, April 22nd.

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