30 years old | Musician Leo Stillman says he’s a classic zero-to-one type, but now he’s learning to control his impulsivity

Leo Stillman seeks a balance between making art and calming down. He wants to learn to enjoy what he has already achieved.

Thirty crisis a small break has done good, reflects the singer and songwriter Leo Stillman twinkle in the corner of the eye.

Stillman defeated 2017 newcomer Emma and stole the show at the gala with a boisterous thank-you speech. After that, there were enough performances at about 100 gigs per year. According to Stillman, the small burnout was already close, until the work of the artists performing in the spring of 2020 ended for the time being, and the tour of Stillman’s second album did not materialize.

“I had run patches with eyes like a horse. I couldn’t stop to deal with the dreams I had achieved, ”Stillman says.

“This was a head-to-head wooden head situation. I realized that you don’t have to constantly strive for something to be important to yourself. Sometimes you can also stop and be proud of everything you do. ”

In addition to the album, Stillman’s firstborn was born last year. The new “world’s most important dune” has opened the artist’s eyes.

“I enjoy little wonderful things like the smell of bread and clean laundry that I hadn’t noticed before.”

The first his song Stillman says he did it when he was three years old. He had stolen candy from the store and received a sermon from his mother. Stillman saw nightmares and feared what might follow from going the criminal path. The feeling was made easier by a self-developed song about being imprisoned.

“Maybe my Way has always been to create music from the rotating distressing things.”

In Stillman’s six-child home, music was always present. Dad played piano and guitar and listened to Finnish classics.

Stillman watched the masters in the arena and thought of the guitar in the hand of his brother Hugon with that kind of life they want too. With his brother, Stillman also picked up his Emma.

The coolest type was still there Michael Jackson, and Stillman dressed like his role model even when the mother took her son Aira Samulinin for dance lessons in Bat.

“In Muscari, my patience was not enough to learn to play guitar. At school, the deputy made me test the drums and whispered to it when I was 11 years old. ”

A couple of years later, Stillman and his friends formed the band Deep Vain, which had been together for almost ten years. The training cabin was on Stillman’s father’s sailing ship. In addition to music, life was learned, girls were talked about and the first turns were taken.

The hobby, which started at a young age, taught a lot. There were band nights and hundreds of gigs, also in Estonia and Spain.

The guys offered shelter to a young man who sought his place in the world.

“I was bullied when I was a little weird and I had a mustache. But oh oh, what then, we were a band against everyone else, ”Stillman says.

“We’re still doing everything with Hugo and we just talked about how great it is that the friends have become a big family.”

Elementary school after that, Stillman attended Roihuvuori Cooking School for a year, but dropped out because he didn’t get a day off.

“I thought to keep your soup bowl and bucket, I’m going to Spain for a gig.”

Founded in 2010, Face of God operated for five years but did not receive a record deal. “The quarrel over the riffs” felt heavy, so Stillman moved on to a solo career. “I love realizing my vision.”

Stillman toured Tuure Kilpeläinen and Kaiho as a caravan warmer. Debut album Leo appeared in 2017.

Alongside music, Stillman has always worked with traditional sailing ships inherited from his father. He is involved in the maintenance of three ships.

“That, too, would be just a full-time job,” Stillman laughs.

“Ships is responsible for a good outfit and I have a small role. I’m good at envisioning. In the summer, we will do public sailing and cooperate with sauna ferries, if restrictions allow. ”

In addition, Stillman is involved in running sailing ship restaurants. On the Jan Mayen ship twice in a pop up spirit and a top chef Matti Jämsenin The project restaurant Soromnoo, which was managed by the company, attracted a lot of attention.

Jämsen’s death at the end of last year was a sad surprise for Stillman. The near future of restaurant operations is also open because of the corona.

Stillman says he’s a classic zero-to-one type. He does a lot, gets excitedly and loses interest quickly.

Now he has learned to find a balance between different jobs and manage his impulsivity. The exercise that Stillman says he whispered about helps with that.

And even if there are challenges in life, one thing Stillman is sure of.

“As long as the sun rises, anything is possible. Sounds naive, but it helps me with my head. At times I like to think overtically and just enjoy. I like to be silly. ”

Leo Stillman

Born in Helsinki in 1991.

Started as a solo artist in 2016. Released albums Leo 2017 and I love sua 2020. Currently making third album.

In 2019, together with Juno and Wäinö Wallenius, he formed the band Kuohu, which has released two singles this year.

Awarded the 2017 Newcomer Emma Award.

Appeared in the role of Dave Lindholm in Love Records – Give Me Lovee 2016.

Included in the Iholla reality TV series 2021.

Lives in Helsinki. Soon a one-year-old child.

Activities include gym, paddle, jogging, climbing, cooking and sauna.

Turns 30 April 24th.

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