Working life Salaries were paid late in Espoo: At worst, there was a delay of months in the payment of bonuses

At the turn of the year, Espoo switched to a new salary payment system. Helsinki is also implementing the system.


In Espoo has been paid salaries and their allowances late during the spring. The delays are due to difficulties in implementing the new payroll system.

At most, the payment of bonuses may have been delayed for months, but such cases have been reported by the Espoo HR Director. Kimmo Sarekoski according to only a few.

He says payroll problems have had a significant impact on some hundreds of employees.

“There’s been some little fumbling with others,” he says.

Sarekoski according to which the delays have mainly concerned various supplements. Occupational groups in particular, whose wages largely consist of bonuses, have suffered from wage payment problems.

Some salaries have also not been paid, but they have been repaid in days, according to Sarekoski.

“The majority of Espoo’s employees have not noticed any mistakes, but there is a certain group to whom these have happened more often.”

Delays According to Sarekoski, they are due to errors in the functions of the new system, data transfer problems and human errors made by payroll calculators.

He says learning how to use the new system has taken time and increased errors in payroll. There have also been flaws in the system’s functions, such as incorrect formulas, which have made the program work differently than it should have.

In addition, there have been errors and delays in the transfer of data between different systems, according to Sarekoski.

“There have been a lot of different small mistakes that have accumulated for certain professional groups, such as doctors and teachers.”

Vikoja has been corrected according to Sarekoski, and his understanding is that there are no more errors in the system ‘s functions.

“It’s unfortunate, of course. It has been more tedious than expected to have all the problems associated with replacing the system fixed. ”

Espoo switched to a new payroll system, Sarastia, at the beginning of this year. Helsinki is also implementing the system.



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