Visual arts Helene Schjerfbeck’s work depicting a girl from Good Hunk was sold for 1.7 million euros – a new world record for the artist’s watercolor

The blue-ribbon girl was born during a period considered a significant transition period in the art of Helene Schjerfbeck.

Helene Schjerfbeckin work Girl with a blue ribbon (Flick with a band) for 1909 was sold at auction in Bukowski on Thursday night for a final price of SEK 17,137,500 (approximately EUR 1.7 million). This is a new world record for Schjerfbeck’s watercolor and the third most expensive Schjerfbeck’s work ever sold at auction.

The starting price of the work at auction was SEK 2.5–3 million, or approximately EUR 246,000–295,000.

Girl with a blue ribbon was born during a period considered a significant transition period in Schjerfbeck’s art. The reduced painting was influenced in part by Japanese woodcuts, which Schjerfbeck studied around 1908, Bukowski says on its website.

Helene Schjerfbeck had moved with his mother to the small village of Hyvinkää in 1902, and completely avoided Helsinki for the next fifteen years. However, he continued to paint, and regularly sent his works to exhibitions in both Helsinki and Turku.

While living in Hyvinkää, Schjerfbeck found models for his works in his immediate area. The girl with the blue ribbon the model was small Fannygirl, and it took months to paint the painting, she says Einar Reuter In his Schjerfbeck biography. According to Reuter, Schjerfbeck also kept the painting to himself for a long time before selling it on.

Samana in The girl with the blue ribbon with Schjerfbeck also painted My motherportrait, for which Bukowski was paid EUR 874 600 in 2001.

In addition, two works by Schjerfbeck have risen to half a million euros or more in Finland, Self-portrait in 2003 and Hjördis in 2002. A total of 17 times more than 200,000 euros have been paid for Schjerfbeck’s paintings, it is clear From Statistics Finland’s website.

At Sotheby’s art auction in London, the price of four of Schjerfbeck’s works has exceeded one million euros. In 2008, Schjerfbeck’s work was sold there Prom shoes (Balskorna, 1882). The price was 3.9 million euros, which is the most expensive painting of any time by an Finnish artist sold at auction.




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