Visual arts Finland mentioned! British magazine glows Tove Jansson’s style of looking at the landscape as both a visual artist and a writer

An exhibition of works by Tove Jansson and Tuulikki Pietilä will open in London this summer. The biography film Tove also premieres in Britain.

Finland mentioned!

The British newspaper The Guardian will glow on Saturday 5 June in his published story Tove Jansson. The magazine tells how the Finnish artist’s love of nature affected the world of the Moomins. And especially a small rocky islet called Klovharun.

The story describes a graphic designer by Jansson and his partner Tuulikki Pietilän life and work “on an isolated island in the middle of nowhere”.

Klovharun is a islet in the outer archipelago off Pelling in Porvoo. A cottage was built on the island in 1964, which became the summer residence of Jansson and Pietilä for several years. Klovharun meant many things to Jansson: loneliness, distance, intimacy, wholeness. It was a dream for him.

With Jansson was an original style of looking at the landscape and entities as both an artist and a writer, The Guardian’s story writes. Jansson could write about things comically and gently, even though the subjects of the Moomin works, for example, were often a catastrophe, such as the end of the world.

In July this year, in the protected wetland of North London in Walthamstow Wetlands the exhibition opens From the works of Jansson and Pietilä. The Woman Who Fell in Love With an Island The two-part exhibition is open until the end of September. It will continue next year at the William Morris Gallery.

Also Zaida Bergrothin directed by a biography film Tove gets premiered in Britain in July.




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