Television review A robot couple takes care of a little girl in an anime series where sci-fi traditions drown in a mess

Netflix’s four-part anime story Eden draws on the traditions of science fiction, but ends up tempoing in unnecessarily many directions.

Netflixin in a four-part anime series Eden a thousand years have passed since the disappearance of the people on earth. One day, the apple picking robot E92 (as voice Kentarô Itô) finds a deep – frozen capsule from which a little girl, Sara, about a year old, wakes up.

The girl begins to call E92 the father and the second caregiver A37 (Kyôko Hikami) as a mother. The duo hide Sara (Marika Kôno) Zero, who hates people leading the Eden 3 plant (Kôichi Yamadera) to a wilderness city inhabited by unadapted robots.


Growing up as a teenager, Sara girl begins to figure out why she is the only person on earth.

Listed in the same order, the English version of the voice actor chart has names David Tennant, Rosario Dawson, Ruby Rose Turner and Neil Patrick Harris.

Artificial father and mother are reminiscent of the HBO science series Raised by Wolves (2020), where human children were taken care of by an android couple. On the HBO side, however, the tone was considerably darker and the narrative more original.

Kimiko Uenon scripted and Yasuhiro Irien guided Eden draws from the long traditions of scientific fiction. The story weighs in how harmful the human species is to the planet and takes advantage of the laws of robotics, although modified Isaac Asimovin preparation.

However, the themes are overwhelmed by the mess of the second half, which is best described by the adjective anime-like.

Best developments can be found in the quiet opening period. In a fun little robot cult, it is believed that they were originally created by a creature called a human. The wish of a good night to the machine citizens is pleasantly gentle: “Charge well.”

Eden, Netflix. (K7)



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