Technology Technology giant Apple more dependent on US superpower – For the first time, the company has more Chinese than Taiwanese suppliers

New figures show that U.S. companies are still dependent on China.

Technology giant Last year, for the first time, Apple used more Chinese than Taiwanese suppliers, according to the British newspaper The Guardian and Nikkei Asia magazine.

Recent information highlights that companies are still dependent on China, a major US competitor.

Despite Former President of the United States Donald Trumpin from the trade war against China, Apple had 51 Chinese suppliers in 2020. The figure also includes Hong Kong operators.

The figure can be compared to the number of Chinese suppliers in 2018. At that time, Apple had 42 Chinese suppliers. Apple did not release supplier figures in 2019.

Apple there are a total of 200 main suppliers. The figures are from an analysis by Nikkei Asia magazine and Apple’s annual supplier list.

Apple is the world’s largest technology company, with revenues of hundreds of billions of dollars.