Social security The basic account presented as a social security solution divides opinions – “Requires happiness, foresight and hard life management”

According to Pasi Moisio, Chairman of the Social Security Committee, the account model would be, above all, a change in the philosophy of social security.

Finland Funded by the Academy’s Strategic Research Council Manufacturing 4.0. project report a basic account model is proposed as a solution to the problems of the Finnish social security system.

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The Social Security Committee has previously assessed that the problems with the current social security system are its complexity, the difficulty of reconciling work and social security and services and benefits, and the challenges of housing and last resort security. The proposed basic account model has not been discussed in committee.

In the report The model presented is a pruned version of the MP Elina Valtonen from the basic account presented by (kok).

According to Valtonen, the idea of ​​a basic account was based on the observation that the labor market is changing rapidly, especially due to automation. According to him, social security should be an empowering support for people and enable continuous learning.

“It should be obtained when needed, but it should not hinder work at any stage of life. The basic account enables better access to learning at work. During your studies, you can top up your account by doing work, even if you receive partial social support at the same time, ”says Valtonen.

According to him, current social security is built on the idea that people have roles from which they receive benefits.

“In reality, people may overlap in a number of different roles. There should be room for people-orientation so that no one is left in their fields because they are trapped in an incentive. ”

Social Security Committee THL’s research professor chairing it Pasi Moision according to the basic account model presented, the problems outlined by the committee best reflect the difficulty of reconciling gainful employment and benefits.

In addition, according to Moisio, the model could encourage lifelong learning and learning a new profession. According to Moisio, in the longer term, unemployment security and study grants could be more integrated together, at least at the level of philosophy.

“If a job ends, then one might not look for a new similar job, but update one’s own skills. Flexible support would enable both. ”

The account model would, above all, be a change in the philosophy of social security, as it would also increase the role and responsibility of the individual in the use of his or her benefits.

Moisio believes the account model could help cut red tape. However, there will be incentive traps as long as there is social security available to cope.

Moision According to him, one of the biggest problems in social security is the targeting of support measures. He has reservations about whether the account model would be able to identify individuals in need of support through participation income.

“The problem of reconciling services and benefits should probably be resolved before the account model presented here could be introduced. The Committee is considering how to improve the provision and targeting of the service system. “

Moisio also considers the idea that the information required for implementation should be obtained directly from different registers to be challenging.

“It has a lot of twists and turns along the way. They are not only technical but also data protection related. Ultimately, it is also a matter of principle whether one should give consent to it. The Committee has also identified this as one of the key issues in the reform. “

According to Moisio, one of the features of the model is that it does not have working time tracking. According to him, unemployment security and support for part-time work is one of the key issues for the committee.

“The role of unemployment security will change if it becomes a permanent support for low-paid work.”

Member of Parliament and a member of the Social Security Committee Tarja Filatovin (sd), it is good that presentations such as the basic account model are brought to the debate. However, he is concerned about how the model would treat people who face different risk situations in their lives.

“If a person is healthy and is studying and finding employment quickly, then the model could work. However, it requires happiness, foresight and hard control of life. ”

Filatov agrees with the model that it could lower the threshold for accepting, for example, gig-type work without fear of losing or recovering benefits. However, he points out that in order to work, it requires that suitable work be available.

Filatovin According to the Commission, there are many models for targeting support measures, and elements of it can already be found in the current system. However, he said, the basic account model could also direct people who do not need it to stronger service. He also points out that the need for support activities is not necessarily linked to an individual’s finances.

“A young person who is doing their studies well and who is doing well financially may still need services. We have a congested service system with not enough resources and I do not see how this would eliminate it, ”says Filatov.

“The biggest problem is that services and benefits don’t match right. People have some benefit but may not get the service they need. People are afraid of exchanging benefits because it can lead to delays and bureaucratic traps. ”




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