Skateboarding Lizzie Armanto released a gruesome video of her old accident: she fell to the ground from a height of six meters

Skater Lizzie Armanto recovered from the race after a severe accident.


Finland Representative skateboarder at the Tokyo Olympics Lizzie Armanto, 28, has posted a video on Instagram of his gruesome accident eight months ago.

The crash occurred in the U.S. during ad shoot.

Armanto underwent surgery. Armanton’s thigh broke when he collided in the middle of a jump against the wall and fell to the ground from a height of nearly six meters.

Recovery was never a major concern for Armanto, and even the medal-favored Olympic venue was not ultimately threatened.

The World Skateboarding Federation announced the 80th place finishers in Tokyo for the Olympics athlete list on Thursday.

Armanto is ranked fiveth in the Women’s Park Olympic rankings. Skateboarding is the first Olympic sport in Tokyo.

The park finals will be raced on August 2nd.

“We couldn’t be more proud of you. You went through hell and back. A perfect demonstration of Sisu, ”the Finnish Skateboarding Association hoped in its publication.

“Lizzie Armanto will be met at Tokyo Market.”

All in all, the Olympics

athletes from 26 different countries take part in skateboarding.

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