Russia Opposition activist plotted suicide in Red Square by shooting himself in the head with a bang

According to local media, it was a protest aimed at drawing people’s attention to the oppressive policies of the state.

Russian police arrested an opposition activist on Friday who had pretended to commit suicide at Moscow’s Red Square. The man had turned the barrel of the pistol towards his head and fired a gun loaded with bangs, reports Reuters.

According to the Russian website MBKH, the man is a well-known critic of the Russian leadership and a performance artist Pavel Krisevich. According to MBKH, the man is okay and it was a political protest.

“Pavel is fine, he wasn’t hurt. It was just a protest, ”MBKH quoted a friend of Krishevich as saying Anastasia Mihailova.

Krisevich fired a gun loaded with bangs first into the air and then towards his head.

Open Media According to the news site, Krisevich staged a performance on Friday to draw people’s attention to the state’s repressive machinery.

Last year, Krisevich was sentenced to 15 days in prison for organizing a crucifixion performance in Moscow near the headquarters of the Russian Security Service FSB.

Police had not commented on Krisevich’s case by Friday afternoon.



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