Restaurants The interest group complains to the Chancellor of Justice: Restaurant restrictions still violate the Communicable Diseases Act

According to Mara, even after the reductions, the government decree is stricter in the areas of the spread phase than the law would allow.

Restaurants Mara, a representative business and labor market organization, is complaining to the Chancellor of Justice that, according to the organization, drinking and opening restrictions on restaurants in the spread phase are still in breach of the Communicable Diseases Act.

At its extraordinary session on Tuesday, the government decided to ease restaurant restrictions, but in areas where the epidemic is spreading, the reductions will only apply to food restaurants, which will now have an hour more time to drink and be open.

From now on, food restaurants will have to close their doors at 9 pm and stop serving at 8 pm. In other restaurants, the corresponding times will remain the same for the time being, ie they will be at 7 pm and 6 pm.

Government the sote ministerial group agreed on the reductions last Friday.

The Helsinki and Uusimaa regions as well as Päijät-Häme and Kanta-Häme are in the spreading phase. Central Ostrobothnia has entered an accelerating phase.

Mara refers in its bulletin to a provision of the Communicable Diseases Act. On this basis, in the current disease situation, the Government cannot decide on restrictions requiring restaurants to stop serving earlier than 10 pm and close earlier than 11 pm.

According to the organization, the provision does not leave the Government a political margin of maneuver.

“The freedom to conduct a business and the protection of property, as well as the right of workers to work, which are protected by the Constitution, have been trampled on during the interest rate crisis. The Chancellor of Justice cannot view this page. It is a matter of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and workers surviving the corona crisis even somehow, ”the organization insists.

In order for the current regulation to be permissible, it would require, among other things, that the prevention of the spread of an infectious disease be necessary nationwide due to the rapid acceleration of the epidemic or the threat of the spread of a modified virus.

“Incidence is clearly declining, the chains of infection can be identified and there is no regional or national threat of population spread. In addition, vaccinations for at-risk groups have progressed rapidly, ”said Mara’s CEO Timo Lappi says.

Mara is not happy with HS last week to the comment requested by the Office of the Chancellor of Justice. According to it, the Chancellor of Justice checks in advance whether the legal conditions are met, but the government contributes to the final expediency assessment, which cannot be interfered with.

According to Mara, the Communicable Diseases Act does not leave room for the Government to consider expediency.

“The Chancellor of Justice must immediately intervene in the Government’s activities in violation of the Communicable Diseases Act. Our lawyers are looking forward to seeing how the Chancellor of Justice justifies in detail that the Government Decree is currently in compliance with section 58 a (4) of the Communicable Diseases Act, ”Lapland says in a press release.

Tuesday the government also decided to ease non-proliferation restaurant restrictions. Restaurants in the basic areas are allowed to be open until two at night and drinks are allowed at one night.

The ban on karaoke and dancing, as well as the requirement for outdoor seating and tables, will be removed from basic areas. It allows for outdoor public events organized by restaurants.

The restaurants in the acceleration area will also have a ban on karaoke and dancing.

The government has promised to carry out a broader “comprehensive review” of restrictions next before Midsummer, ie in week 25.




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