Reader ‘s opinion Numbers 1 and 7 should be removed from the candidate numbers altogether

Incorrect spelling can lead to unnecessary rejection of the sound.

In the ballot boxes there are model numbers according to which the candidate number should be written on the ballot paper. According to current model numbers, number one is just a vertical line, not a ceiling, and number seven has both a ceiling and a diagonal line.

However, many voters have their own habits of making a roof and a seventh without a diagonal line. Thus, incorrect spelling can lead to unnecessary rejection of sound. At least I would be annoyed if I got a candidate number that consists of just those numbers.

Other numbers have been drawn as a model, but they may not have the same accustomed alternative ways of writing them as 1 and 7. An attentive and careful voter should still check their spellings and make sure they write them as instructed. One cannot assume that everyone is still doing this.

Could it be considered at all that numbers 1 and 7 be removed from the candidate numbers altogether? So, of course, all the figures from 10 to 19, 70 to 79, 100 to 199, 700 to 799, as well as, for example, 21 and 27 and so on. The number of exiting numbers would be quite large, but I guess the numbers never run out?

In the presidential election, there has long been a way of not giving candidate number 1 to anyone, I understand because it does not create images that could distort opinions. It would be interesting to know if this has been studied – that is, whether there is anything behind it. It would also be interesting to know if there are statistics on rejection of votes for incorrectly drawn ones or stops. Those numbers by removing unnecessary rejections should not come at all.

Mikko Setälä


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