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The treatment of celiac disease costs the patient more than 700 euros a year.


Hilla Rautama deservedly pointed out (HS Opinion 29.5.) an important topic: the high cost of gluten-free food. The high cost of treating celiac disease has been highlighted when Parliament abolished the dietary allowance for people with celiac disease at the end of 2015.

Celiac disease is an incurable autoimmune disease that requires careful daily treatment. The treatment of celiac disease costs the patient more than 700 euros a year. Based on reports from the Celiac Association, many are worried about whether they will cause harm to themselves when they cannot afford to treat their illness as required. With proper treatment, additional celiac diseases can most often be prevented. This avoids human suffering and costly additional costs.

In many cases, a person with celiac disease is in a position of intervention time in relation to other long-term diseases. Society does not support the cost of celiac disease treatment for those over 16 years of age at all. Medicines used for the treatment of many diseases are covered by the Kela reimbursement or the treatment supplies are obtained with the support of society.

Follow-up of celiac disease is varied in different locations. Treatment for celiac disease is cost-effective – with good care, a person stays able to work and can live an almost normal life. The high cost of treating celiac disease often comes to the fore during elections, with decision-makers promising to promote the recovery of celiac disease compensation. Now is the time for that change.

Niina Puronurmi

executive director

Minna Halve

social security and health care expert

Celiac Disease Association

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