Radio evaluation A sex club for the elderly is set up in a care home in a creepily fun and imaginative drama comedy

The sex club Hillanhalme is downright anarchist captivating listening, starring Riitta Elstelä and Leena Uotila.

Nursing home Hillanhalme celebrates the eternal summer of childhood, which is guaranteed by a bird song playing through the speakers and a flattering staff. Residents have been brought to a nursing home to death, but active seniors have other plans.

Eveliina, a new resident of Hillanhalmi, is not enthusiastic about the rich club offer, so she is required to start her own club. Evelina is interested in sex, so she is setting up a senior sex club. Of course, the activity must be kept secret from the staff, because sex is not a suitable hobby for the residents of the nursing home.

Kaisa Kuikkaniemi scripted and Laura Mattilan guided Sex club Hillanhalme is downright anarchist captivating listening, starring in the mainstream Riitta Elstelä and Leena Uotila.

The imaginative script surprises the listener several times, and the charismatic veteran actors take full advantage of the absurd situations that the plot twists offer. Even then, one has to consider whether dildos ordered as a joint purchase of sex clubs can be paid with service vouchers.

Tiina Luoman sound design grabs the listener aboard right from the first seconds. Luoma also knows how to use music in a simple, restrained and controlled way.

Sex club Hillanhalme, Radio 1 at 3 pm and Yle Areena.




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