Public transport I-train passed the stations – Pukinmäki bridge site may cause exceptions for train traffic

The Pukinmäki bridge site may cause unexpected changes in train traffic during the summer due to the closure of the track.

Main line In the case of commuter trains, more derogations are expected than possible Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) still over the weekend informed.

The renovation site of the Pukinmäki railway bridge was reflected in surprising changes on Monday.

For example, the I-train that left Helsinki after three in the afternoon could not stop at the intermediate stations between Oulunkylä and Tikkurila, although according to the contingency plan, it should have missed only Pukinmäki station.

Dozens of passengers left Oulunkylä station waiting for the next commuter train to get to Malmi or Puistola.

The original according to the contingency plan, I-trains going north should stop at all stations except Pukinmäki.

The Finnish Railways is renovating the bridge at Pukinmäki station so that only one of the two commuter trains is in use. When one track is out of service, commuter trains need to stay on schedule so that the main track is not completely stuck.

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) information designer Joona Packalénin according to the main line, there is so much train traffic that the Pukinmäki narrow-gauge can cause even more exceptions to the decided exceptional arrangements during the summer.

“If the train leaves Pasila late, a decision must be made before Oulunkylä whether to stop at intermediate stations before Tikkurila,” says Packalén.

Fairway Agency you renovated the Pukinmäki railway bridge over Ring Road I last summer. It was then that the builders renovated the long-distance rail section.

Exception arrangements in Pukinmäki will continue until August 28. During the summer, train traffic arrangements will change as the Pukinmäki and Kerava contracts progress.

In Kerava, the Finnish Railways is renovating the interlocking device. K-trains operate only between Tikkurila and Kerava on weekdays from 5.30 to 19.30

Derogations for Z-trains will begin later in the summer, on 21 June.

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