Post Office The package can soon be picked up from vending machines outside

The experiment starts in Vantaa It is hoped that Outdoor Automation will solve the shortage of parcel boxes caused by growing online ordering.

Postal says it will introduce outdoor parcel vending machines. The first outdoor vending machines will be opened during the summer in Vantaa.

Outdoor vending machines are intended to guarantee the adequacy of parcel boxes also in areas where no more indoor vending machines can be built.

The new battery-powered vending machines are designed to withstand the changing weather conditions in Finland, and they have undergone months of outdoor tests in the winter, among other things.

The vending machines are to be placed, for example, in connection with shops or in public places along urban routes.

Ecommerce popularity continues to grow. Coronary pandemic has grown 30 per cent of Finns shop online, and almost a third order online every week.

Posti says that the addition of parcel machines is one of its most important developments. It previously announced that it would invest more than € 100 million in strengthening parcel operations and the distribution network.

In the next few years, Posti will need more than 70,000 new automatic drawers, a significant part of which will be outdoors.

Vending machines are especially popular in Finland. Last year, 87 percent of Finns received an e-commerce shipment to the vending machine at least once. In the rest of the world, the figure is 40 percent on average.

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